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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your MS Vista stories

I want to hear your stories on Vista, go on now, commenting is quick and easy and you don't need to join anything.

For me, the advantages found in ?Vista are:

  • Renaming files is smarter cause it only selects the file name, not extension as well, so you never have to re-select the file name to avoid over typing the extension. e.g. selects "Holiday".jpeg rather than "Holiday.jpeg"
  • Transferring files now has a cooler interface where you can see transfer speeds, data remaining, data copied or moved etc.
  • The calendar is better on Vista (when you roll over the time with your mouse)
  • Noticeably faster shut down times than XP.
  • Simplified naming, "Users" folder is used instead of "documents and settings" which is faster for when i have to search things by typing directories.
  • The ability to sorft files and folders by a bigger amount fo critera (last edit, open etc.)
  • Ability to right click shortcuts and locate and open the destination folder that the shortcut leads to.
  • Much better (files and folder) search function

For me the things i dislike are:
  • Sidebar, I never used it, it was more annoying me.
  • Shut down buttons are customisable so when your in the wrong power mode the button can be standby instead of shut down and you have to change all the profiles to conform to avoid having to turn the computer back on to shut it down.
  • Shut down also has no confirmation windows, which is faster to shut down but the shut down button being visible in the Start menu means i can accidentally shut down when using a touch pad.
  • Common one, incompatibility of Windows XP apps in Vista and even worse being able to run Windows XP apps but then having it crash when you save your work before closing it.
  • Control panel has had some major changes and being able to adjust settings is sometimes a pain, e.g. the method used to enable hibernation is no longer in the same place and I've given up and have no time to try and enable it no more.

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  1. Yay! if your reading this it means you might share your Vista thoughts with us.