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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Post your problems

1 . Having software or hardware troubles that i didn't have (therefore not in my blog)?
Hit post comment and tell us about your problem and hopefully i can help or visitors to this site can provide some feedback.

2 . Also, have you had a rarely documented problem that you kept searching the internet to find a solution? help others avoid stupid errors and post your experience in solving it. Remember to write down the error message too, that helps others decide if they are in the same boat.


  1. Hey Patrick solve this:

    A man and a dog were going down the street. The man rode, yet walked.

    What was the dog's name?

  2. The Man rode.
    Yet the dog walked.

    So the dogs name is Yet?

  3. I'm looking for help with an external monitor on an hp tablet. Is anyone still monitoring? :D

  4. I am :) but not sure if anyone else is :(