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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Changing AdSense Primary Email address

This is a common question but surprisingly there is no simple answer. So here is my attempt after checking the Adsense help forum and trying answers from 3 different posts I finally figured out how to do it myself.

1. Login to Adsense account

2. "My Account" Tab > Next to Login Information click "[edit in Google Accounts]"

3. Now in new pop up window > Under Personal Settings and next to Security click "Change email" ***

4. You should now know what to do but just in case.... type in your new e-mail address you want to make primary, enter current password and then go to the new email account and confirm the change through a email you will get sent to you from adsense.

5. Done! hopefully*

*** Most people automatically make the mistake of assuming that they should use the "Edit" link next to Email addresses instead.

* May or may not work depending on how your gmail, Google and adsense account is set up and linked.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Uni.cc domains not working

I am not sure why but I've e-mailed the information centre.
All Uni.cc domains of Gec doesn't work at the moment. If your having this same problem keep coming back to see if they replied to me.

I'll have to keep constant website header names for your googling convenience.

I get this black website saying:

Site unavailable
The site at gecsoft.uni.cc cannot be displayed.

Or for you if this is happening it should say:

Site unavailable
The site at xxxxt.uni.cc cannot be displayed.

xxxx being your domain name.

Domain registration is currently closed
The registration for new domains will be closed during January 2009. We are working on a re-design of all services provided. Some services are temporarily unavailable due to maintenance tasks that are being performed. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused to you.

^^ I should really look for things like this on their homepage. I just assumed it was apart of the introduction text slab. Apparently they post news there, lol, my mistake. So there you have it i guess, for worried domain users, this is a maintenance process.

And guess what? Your site is now on google as "site unavailable".

Help me find that picture i googled

Do you ever want to seek help on the Internet or forum, Something stupid because your that desperate to find the site where you got an image from, whether its for referencing reasons or simply it was an excellent site?

The the problem for you really is you can't remember what the sites name was, you can't remember the URL and you've renamed DSC123.jpeg into CoolPictureOfMonkey.jpeg

Well, i am not really sure how to help you but my Tip for today would be to leave the file name as it is cause if you ever need to find it again you can image google it again and your chances of finding the source site are greater. If it was named something like Picture1.jpeg then your stuffed really unless your willing to go though a heck heap of image result pages.

Try and remember what the site is called when you get pictures it usually works better than trying to remember the URL. Which this tip might be useful for you soon as Uni.cc seems to be having problems. You may have to soon google "Gec Living" or "GecSoft Australia" to find the site. As our forwarding domain may be no more :|

But if you still visit even without the convenience of a domain forwarder and bothered to google the sites header address, I'll be extra nice to you ;)

NHC (Notebook Hardware Control)

This is in relation to the event of Undervolting and Throttling

Current success:

  • Yet another Fail

Reasons for (fail):
  • The GUI is much more nicer and basic then the RM Clock application. Haven't got Dynamic switching working yet but no crashes so far. Might not be good for those advanced users who want to over control every single aspect ;)
  • Haven't been able to get undervolting to work either, maybe its only for full registered users. Also didn't have suggested volts and multipliers installed by default so have no idea what to use without blowing up X|.

Reasons against (Fail):
  • I get an error message saying "Error on changing the CPU speed" when trying to change anything. I can only manually set the CPU modulation which didn't reduce heat or save batteries.
  • It made my computer slow, permanently even if NHC was turned off, after a bit of analysis and crying over my now 1.4Ghz laptop which is slower than my previous single core desktop and having 1998 HDD response rates, I went to check the BIOS and yep the software turned off dynamic switching and left my laptops CPU stuck on a low CPU frequency. So if you've noticed your computer being super slow then do that!

FINAL CONCLUSION (for the 20009 at least):

If you have a Toshiba laptop like mine and its loaded with enough power to blow up your house, then I guess don't try to limit its speed with throttlers you'll regret it, it will feel like the 1990's and it for me anyway, didn't save power or make the laptop cooler.

My solution:

1. Elevate laptop with a CD jewl case (not needed if you follow 3 or 4)

2. Get a deskfan from Target or somewhere for about $8, aim fan at air vents (not really needed if you follow 3)

3. Get a high profile laptop cooling pad (not sure it is works as well if you follow 4)

4. Buy a 8 Cell battery spare or replacement battery which will elevate the latop and add battery power and cooling effect! you can even save on the 20 cent CD case ;) (not needed if you just find a wall plug in, lol)

RightMark (CPU undervolting and throttling)


Undervolting - Using less power to power the CPU, usually less than manufacturer recommended or factory set and results in cooler CPU due to lower speeds and less electricity heat. Also results in damaged (slight chance) or unstable (more chance) system if done highly incorrectly.

Throttling - Not quite sure, dam why did I mention this one now i look like a moron IT student.

I do not recommend doing this if you've never thought about needing it cause you don't then!
I will also not post anything up about how to do it but now you know its call undervolting and cpu throttling and the name of RightMark software your free to Google it yourself. But due to my inexperience and high liabality I am not doing anything on this subject as of now.

I've tried to use RightMark(RM) to cool my CPU down on my laptop and it worked it was cooler as when the laptop was idle it used less power. But when I switch off RM or reverted back from Power On Performance to Vista controlled power settings I'd get a crash dump and BSOD.

Current success:

  • Fail, unless using on battery and I really needed the extra life I wouldn't use the it.

  • If your doing multimedia it can take a little while to respond and make jitters due ot constant fluctuations in CPU power? (normal as powering up back to full speed takes some sort of time frame) but launching programs aren't affected greatly by the half a second delay.
  • The profile settings made are forgotten after RM is closed.

  • AND of course it crashes my computer unless i have it on Power On Demand all the time until I shut the laptop down, which is what you'd do when running on batteries. But you would still have to deal with only launching the program when running on batteries.

  • It doesn't have a formal uninstall process. You should run the ?????wipeout.reg file to remove any reg files still installed and then just simply delete whole folder.

Reasons against (success result):
  • It has a really nice system status bar icons, showing Temp, CPU frequency, CPU load. But the general GUI interface is confusing for a non-undervolter user.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Laptop randomly turns off during gaming

This happened to me on a Toshiba but most manufacturers have the same problem.

The biggest chance of the cause of this is that your laptop is over heating. Hints to show that it was caused by overheating and not a virus or what not are:

1. It doesn't occur until I've booted up for a while

1. It mainly occurs when gaming

2. I can not turn on the laptop again until after a good 5-10 minutes.

2. The laptop feels very hot around the fan and air vents area

If 1. doesn't occur to you, you either have very bad overheating problems OR it is not related to over heating. If you have 2. then your chances are higher.

If you have overheating problems see online guides as to how to clean you fans out of dust and heatsink out of dust. Search for my previous post as well and download the software for monitoring hardware temperatures.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your Privacy on Google

I just tested a few keywords to see if my GecSoft web pages would be on the top 10 results list on Google. To my surprise I found some things on myself. You always hear people say Google yourself you'll be amazed at how things you'll find out about yourself from faceboook page to charity work contributions.

Well I found myself on many pages and they range from my favourite websites to forums I've joined and the questions I've asked on there.

But searching for my name itself doesn't return this result. Mainly because I use Alias when joining services.

Here is a way to check for your privacy loop holes. Google in what you usually use to join websites. Usually a nick name like MSN addresses. Pokemon-fan102 or whatever username you generally choose for signing up for things.

If your one of those people who said what the heck is an alias? Then you may have signed up using your real name. John_Smith123 or something like that. If that's the case I highly recommend that you start from now on using a nickname to join services. I am mainly talking about the username part, the First name and Last name on trusted sites generally will be impossible to find on Google. But using your real name as the USERNAME field of sign up forms will make it easier to find you on Google. In fact some people don't even make it that easy to find their facebook or myspace on Google, by using things like backwards letters and symbols. E.g. P@tr!clc (Patrick)

So just keep that in mind next time you sign up. Unless you wanted someone to find you of course. Generally its not such a problem, but for me, running a website and all my name and alias is more easily found (by design) but as a result my forum discussions etc. are also visible on Google if you know what your doing and what to query, which would be ........ ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hardware temperature monitors (freeware)

I want to monitor my Hard drives, CPU, graphics card temperature, for free!

My friend showed me a really nice app that does just all that. It shows me my:

* 2 CPUs
* Graphics Card
* 2 Hard drives

Its a very basic app but that's why its good simple and easy to use, shows you 2 figure number next to a hardware name! that's all you want!

I would though like to get one with a bit more fancy interface just for show and tell but if your looking at the temp for the health of your computer then this is all you need

Its called CPUID Hardware Monitor

- Just checking for a link on google, apparently I have the old version, The new version of CPUID HM is now super cooler and better. Its got fan and voltage stats too, which is not really needed by a general user which is slightly different to what i said above. But my simpler version was V1.0.5.8

One improvement though is that all the stats are opened when you start. The simpler version you had to view each hardware on separate tabs.

Another is max and min temp records. So you know how well your current cooling is in comparison to past.

More Info

I think you may have noticed that recently I've been adoring my Toshiba laptop a bit. So if your a laptop user concerned about heat.

I just tried to lift up the laptop on a wedge using a CD case (thin ones) and I got a drop in temp of 3 degrees. If I put it on powersaver i can loss off about 7 degrees C. Try hard surfaces instead of fabricated.

If your a desktop user the big roomy tower box should give you enough air and cooling area to not need to use your computer in power saver or life it up or anything as fans are at the rear. Unless of course your a OC-user in which case you will already have a temp monitor.

Friday, January 16, 2009

99% reduced SPAM for your website

Like the GecSoft portal website, a contact method is really nice and necessary.
But your current e-mail address is excellent with SPAM control and amount of SPAM received and you really don't want to post your primary e-mail on your website and you really can not be bothered to open a new account that you know you won't check regularly.

Well one solution can be to do what I have done and post a blog post called contact me. Click that post to view in a single view and then use that page link as your contact link. Now when people want to contact you they can use the blog comments system to send you a message.
Of course you would need a blog first. Also don't forget to ask Anonymous contacts to add a reply e-mail address if required.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

You can always use things like "me AT hotmail DOT COM" to make autobots searching for e-mails to SPAM skip you as this is not a valid format for an e-mail address but this makes it harder for standard users to contact you and understand what your doing. Its also useless against human collected e-mail spamers.

I highly doubt that sending an e-mail addressed to (me AT hotmail DOT COM) will get it sent to (me@hotmail.com) p.s. that was an example e-mail it is not a real e-mail.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

??? Wtf

MS Office
Allway Sync
Visual Studio
Internet Explorer
MSN Messenger
K-Mega Codec Pack
Real Alternative
WinAVi Converter
Vista ShutTimer
SpyBot Search and Destroy
Free Download Manager
Moz Backup
Primo PDF (Anything to PDF)

LavaSoft Adaware
AusLogic Defragmenter
Windows Free Registry Repair
Windows Registry Defragmenter
Download Accelerato Plus
Process Explorer NT
NJ Star
Commodo Firewall
Avast Anti-Virus
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
Nero Burning Suit

Ashmpoo Firewall
RiverPast Video Cleaner
Remove Empty Directories
IMtoo MGEPG Encoder
CDex_170b2 (CD to MP3 extractor)
AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter
2Flyer ScreenSaver Pro
Abby FineReader

Friday, January 2, 2009

Your TV Guide thinks your stupid

Yep, When your TV guide says that everything on HD channel of that station is the same as the standard channel of that station except for this show, this show and this show at these times, It is lying to you! maybe it was only that newspaper?? nope all the others have the same printing, but when you place a time schedule recording on the HD channel you get HD demonstation videos instead! blahhh!! so for safe recording sake I would say never trust that the HD channel is broadcasting the same content as the standard channel unless your recording it in real time.

Thats my lesson lernt, 5GBs of a park in HD quality, nice for show and tell to show off laptop LCD but..... its crap compared to what I would have been watching if the guide was correct.