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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New WLM not so chunky and bulky after all


The new WLM sucks right? so big and bulky and hard to use, an eye sore! Unless you use the built-in Facebook and social network features.

But if you prefer the older compact view, you actually can change it.

A. Next to the Inbox icon you should see a icon that looks like a window, or two frames, click that to toggle compact and full view.

B. Click on your name in WLM (The bit where you can change your online status to online, busy, offline etc.) and then click on the button that says "Switch to full view mode" or "Switch to compact view" to toggle settings.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easier way to add captions in Pinnacle Studio

Its not too hard to make captions that are short.

I got lazy and I just added a slab or maybe 20 seconds of captions on one caption, this made it really bulky, unprofessional and crowded the screen but it was convenient for me.

I then realised I can easily make then shorter without having to apply much effort.

1. Do what I have done above, add a decent slab of text into a caption and add it to scene.
2. Split the captions on the timeline along where you want the captions to change.
3. Now start deleting sentences so that you only have a short sentence on every split caption.
4. As the captions will include the original slab of text, all you have to do is delete more and more lines of text until you teach the last sentence in the slab.
2B. You may want to split the captions strategically to ensure you don't need to play around with timing realignment.

This has saved me so much effort in making shorter captions. Its easy , quick and looks so much more professional (which makes it more practical) as slabs of text are hard to follow.