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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Edit the "Send To" destinations in Vista

How cool is the "Send To" function when you right-click but too bad you can't add your own destinations to Send To, oh wait you can!!

Open a Windows Explorer file and type this in:

Press enter, now paste the shortcut files in this folder, shortcut files, not the actual file else it will send it to the actual file, unless you wanted to send it to an application such as Photoshop.

The website i got this from is: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2008/01/04/use-vista-sendto-folder-to-add-or-delete-send-to-menu-items-or-shortcuts/

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fixing blunt pencil sharpeners

Do you got a very annoying pencil sharpener that won't actually sharpen your pencils, it barely rubs against the wood?

Well, As i mentioned before, its very handy to have one of those jeweller's screwdriver kits of computers and technology, it turns out its good for fixing pencil sharpeners too!

All I had to do was tighten the screw on the blade and now the sharpener cuts nicer or at all now. Still not as sharp as brand new but really can't do anything about that without sharpening the blade which sounds very dangerous.

And yes if you just noticed this is the first post of the labels of non-tech posts, which will be on random fixes that aren't inside the circle of high tech.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yucky Premium SMS experience

Well it would start from when i decided to switch from company X and decided to change to Vodafone. I brought a sim cad for $2, came home and activated it. I sent sms to all my friends to tell them about my new number. On the first Sunday after activating it, i got a premium sms and was angry at my account balance being robbed. It was a new number so i couldn't have given it over the internet, I didn't sign up for anything and only my friends being idiots with my number could be the only reason. I continued to get these sms every Sunday and knew it wasn't mine because the star sign it talked about wasn't even my star sign. I contacted Vodafone and they gave me contact details to premium sms company. I had to deal with them for ages and then deal back with Vodafone and threated to leave the service, return my sim card or even take it up with gov agencies. Then they gave up and contacted the sms service who elevated my case and i was contacted by them to work out a cheque which came to me a few weeks later with the wrong name! I then contacted Vodafone and then they finally gave up and credited my $12.50 to my account.
The sms stopped and a few weeks later I got an sms from Fernwood Parramatta (I am a male student) and it was then that i realised that maybe my number is owned by someone else and I am coping their subscriptions. I then started to use my phone more and regularly receive calls from friends of the ex-owner of my mobile number.

My questions were why didn't Vodafone give me my credit back in step one and take it up with the premium sms service. The other is how does the number system work and how long does a number have to be inactive before its re-sold as a new number.

My Article

I hate wasting electricity but I hate bumping my head against the keyboard holder even more. In the past when trying to unplug devices I don’t need I’d shift backwards and bump my head due to the position of the electrical plugs and keyboard holder. Not any more, to save electricity from devices such as printers, modems, wi-fi routers and external hard drives I use a surge board with individual switches for each plug, that way I can prevent wasting standby energy overnight (or day them if I am not using them) without the hassle of unplugging at all, just turn off the device and flick the switch off on the surge board. It’s a really simple solution and has saved me the stress of dealing with stubborn tight plugs as well as letting my power packs rest.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Switching between windows

Did you know?

To switch between windows open you can use a keyboard shortcut:


To switch between files opened in the same program:


(For some Vista versions) to switch between windows opened with a nicer interface:


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can't receive "unsafe" files over MSN,

Read the message properly, geez, it says how to fix it. Actually I took 3 times before i actually read it, LOl

Fine, you can be lazy too, just go into MSN > Tools > Options > File transfer > Add a virus scanner.

Need drivers for HP Deskjet 3325 for Vista

I've installed Vista like i mentioned before and am yet to get my printer and scanner working.
I am developing a solution but haven't yet seen it working.

Don't install the CD like you do in Windows XP for this printer, instead make Vista detect the device and ask you for drivers, get it to search for drivers and then insert the CD and make Vista search around for it, it should find a Deskjet 3320 driver and install that instead of the 3325 one but its meant to be compatible (fingers crossed)

So far I haven't been able to the printer to respond to the computer. And I am not even going to bother with my scanner cause its so old.

My best solution for you is to dual boot with Windows XP and use it when you need to print, that's what I am doing as Vista provided better graphics card performance (doesn't make sense yes? well its not better performance but in XP i get graphics glitches)

I will see if I can get it working with the 3320 driver as you can imagine its very annoying to switch and restart OSes in order to print.

Post your comments if you've followed my instructions and got it to work some how.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clean up networking record

Do you have some wi-fi connections/networks that you don't use any more and would like to get clean off from your computer?

Say you connected to a wi-fi in an airport and will never be there for ages and want to get rid of the airport connection in your list of wi-fi networks.

Do this then:

Start > Network > Network and sharing centre (button at the top part of window) > Manage wireless networks (from side menu)

Select network you want to remove > Click Remove button at top of window)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Vista on my desktop

Just got a spankin copy of Windows Vista Business =D I've been avoiding installing it on my desktop:

AMD Athlon 3500+ (2.25Ghz)
1.2GB of ddr400 Ram
200Gb of HDD space
128 MB nVidia GeForce 6600gt+

Due to the forecast of knowing thign s just won't work. But due to a glitch I've been having with y grpahics card in Windows XP i decided to give it ago to see what happens, on another partition of course to avoid harsh recovery methods.

Heres what i found:


  • Windows Vista has seemed to be able to help me skip finding my 10 or odd CDs for drivers, which I have to do in XP
  • Windows Vista's driver for ym graphics card has made my display nicer and clearer and best of all prevented my graphics glitch of freezing up when scrolling too fast or switching windows too often
  • The Internet seemed to work straight away, no set up, no account setting, This may have been due to my router having all the settings? Not sure and hoping to not have to re-install XP to find out
  • The computer seems to perform faster, what the heck? Vista is suspoe to not work and be slower, but... I am confussed
  • Most of my old software seems to work ok, feeew
  • Installing MS software seems to take forever but other software seems to zip right through, maybe its visualisations of the transfer / progress bars but it makes me feel like the hard drives are faster and performing better but this could also be due to comparison of a fresh Vista and year old XP install.

  • Creative Sound Augity sound card is fully dead on this OS
  • Yet to test printer and scanner
  • UAC is delayed for longer than other Vista computers
  • Screen blacks out during log ins and log outs (not sure if its an effect or problem due to the controlling of the graphics' card)
  • Software installs are taking longer after installing other software to the OS
  • Can't get a Vista experience rating

  • If I can't get the sound to wrok at least this partition will be a high performing PC in terms of graphics card reliability and will be suffice to work for school and office.
  • I could get a new sound card but me being a greenie and all, I don't think i shall waste this card yet.
  • I can always use the onboard motherboard sound if needed, but it will mean no 5.1 sounds

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic 08 Tech.

Looking at the opening ceremony I was surprised at some of the technology that may well soon become general consumer technology.

I saw:

Cloths with LEDs in them, in future it is predicted that cloths will be able to have dynamic advertising and designs as well as changing colours.

Flexible and large LCD screens, the future newspaper medium?

A quick look at MS SyncToy

Ok, I installed SyncToy and tested it between two files, I get an error telling me that the folder location name is too long and has to be less than 200 characters.

I uninstaller, my opinion? you tell me

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking for web translation

If your looking for a website that can translate English to Chinese or Chinese to English or other languages, I recommend that you use Google's translator. I have used Yahoo!'s Bablefish or AltaVista but for Chinese it gives them in simplified characters even though traditional is selected so I am quite weary of its accuracy.

You really could do without accidentally insulting someone in another language!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to Create / Insert the Infinity Symbol in MS Word

Start Up MS Word > Insert > Symbol
Then enter in the following
Character code: 221E from: Unicode (hex)

OR you could always try to copy and paste this:

You can usually Copy and Paste symbols from MS word and use them in other applications such as MSN Messenger Display Names, etc. So keep this tip in mind for when you want to use symbols that are non-keyboard assigned. You could always try to use it for graphic designs and abstracts etc.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Turn off lcd screen with one click / keyboard shortcut

How To Manually Turn Off Notebook or Laptop LCD Screen
How to turn off lcd screen with one click

How to turn off lcd screen with keyboard short cut

I've been googling for a click or one keyboard shortcut solution for turning off my lcd screen on my lapyop manually without using the power settings cause its only someitmes that i need to turn off the lcd after 1 minutes of idle but it gets annoying if it does that all daya every day.

I downloaded a software called Orandy OneClick but it ended up being a freeware that placed an icon in the system tray and requires a right-click on the icon and then left click on monitor and then a left click on turn off screen. This was quite annoying and didn't allow me to apply any keyboard short cuts but was better than nothing.

A good freeware that i found was simple and did what it was suppose to, and that is turn off the lcd screen, I really couldn't see why other alternatives had shut down and hibernate functions when all i wanted was a turn off lcd. Is Redmond Pie's Turn off LCD screen, downloadable here and belongs to here.

Its basically a icon you click and then it opens a command prompt like window for half and second and then turns off your screen, when you move the mouse or keyboard it will tun back on and the window will be gone, you basically have no interface for the software (unlike other software) so you pretty much have yourself a virtual off button that functions like a real button on lcd screens.

BTW I haven't managed to make it wok yet, but if you place a shortcut to the .exe file on the desktop and right click it and click properties and then add a keyboard shortcut it will work but the screen will only turn off for a few secs and then turn back on but I am working on it.