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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deleting/Cancelling/Removing a Myspace account


In a Nutshell:

  1. Login to account
  2. Click "Account Settings" in top corner
  3. "Account" tab
  4. "Cancel My Account"
  5. Follow prompts

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Voice Cancellation (Karaoke?) in Vista

You can adjust an equalisation to cancel out more of less of some of the voice. sounds funny though but if anyone need to do that for whatever reason. The steps are:

  1. Right-click the volume icon in system tray (Or go through control Panel)
  2. Playback devices
  3. Double-click your playback device
  4. Enhancements > check "Voice Cancellation"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

MS Word shotcuts

How do I xxxxx in MS Microsoft word using shortcuts.
Shortcut for xxxxx in MS Microsoft word.
Doing xxxxx via MS Microsoft Word shotcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for MS Word

Finding shortcuts for a particular event or action in MS Word may be quite challenging in Google to find exactly what you need to be done via a shotcut you need to know the name of the action in Word and the tool or menu item that is most likely associated with performing the action. somtimes it can be easy e..g copy and paste short cut but for the times where is isn't check out this link* it has many many great operations listed in a nice single location.

* http://www.scribd.com/doc/6333108/MS-Word-shortcuts-and-tips-2

Stretching HDMI output on HDTV

I've had this problem before and sure hope I documented it for my Toshiba Satellite A200.

My sister's laptop, A Toshiba A300 had the same issue as me except that she has an Intel graphics card. To solved her problem:

  1. Right-click desktop > Personalise > display settings
  2. Intel special tab of options.
  3. change screen resolution on notebook from whatever it is to a lower resolution say x 720
If I didn't post a post on my model its:

  1. Right-click desktop> Ati Catalyst > Display Manager
  2. Change resolution to a x 720 resolution

My theory is that due to our laptops being a 720P HDMI output laptop, it can not output 1080P resolution as the graphics can't produce that (you'll need one that can, so far I've only seen the Sony Vaio as a laptop with 1080P HDMI and laptop LCD screen resolution)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You know your an IT student when

I was googling for one of these but could't find one so I decided to start one. Help me:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vista: Can't add shortcuts into the All Programs section

Can't add shortcuts into the All Programs section in Vista. I've had this issue for a while too not sure if its a vista bug or if I've just screwed up soemthing in vista but ATM I am quite hating Vista's All Programs sections.

To workaround this issue of not being able to add new shortcuts:

  1. Start > All Programs
  2. Right-click on a folder in the list
  3. Select "Explore" from drop down menu
  4. The shortcut folder that you clicked should show up
  5. Click back OR use the breadcrumb at the top and get into the "Programs" fodler
  6. Paste the shortcut into that folder

    ACTUALLY there is a simpler way:
  1. Open up: C:\Users\Patrick\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs in windows explorer
  2. Paste shortcut into that folder

Vista: Can't move/re-order All Programs shortcuts

I've had this issue for a while and was annoyed cause I like to have my shortcuts in All Programs menu (Start>All Programs) in specific order to my usage but always got the stupid Red No crossed circle icon.

At first I thought it may have been a bug as I can't add new shortcuts to the All Programs without using a workaround but then it hit me, in windows XP there is a option to prevent drag and dropping of context menu items, but I checked and hmm it is checked.

The solution is:

The sorting option of the All Programs is set to be sorted by alphabetical order of program names.
to fix disable that option.

  1. Start > All Programs
  2. Right-click in white space > Properties
  3. Next to start menu radio button click the [customise] button
  4. Scroll down to bottom of list and de-select "Sort All Programs menu by name" checkbox

Now try to move around and re-order your shortcuts.

Friday, April 3, 2009

HP Printer Drivers for Windows Vista

HP Deskjet 33200 won't work in Vista or are missing drivers:

The guide on to how to install drivers for HP printers that worked on XP are here:

HP Guide to Vista Drivers

I've had this problem for a while now but hopefully like me you will also be able to use your HP in Vista, which is a good thing because it means HPs are built to last either that or you only print in a blue moon....

Covers printers and alternative Vista-included Drivers (yes the alternative drivers are in Vista already =D):

Deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420, and 3520 Deskjet 3600
Photosmart 7600 series Deskjet 5600
Deskjet 5850 Deskjet 5600
Photosmart 130 and 230 Photosmart 330
Photosmart 145 and 245 Photosmart 330
Photosmart 7350 and 7550 Deskjet 5550
Deskjet 6122 and 6127 Deskjet 990c
Deskjet 3816 and 3820 Deskjet 970cse
Deskjet 656 Deskjet 660c

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deleting Yahoo! account

Deleting Yahoo! Mail account, Removing Yahoo! Mail Account, Cancelling Yahoo! Mail Account
Deleting Yahoo! account, Removing Yahoo! Account, Cancelling Yahoo! Account
Deleting Yahoo account, Removing Yahoo Account, Cancelling Yahoo Account

How ever you want to say it, it is simply described here:

My Version would be:

  1. Go to: https://edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user
  2. Login / validate
  3. Done!

how to remove the Drawing Box in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Word up
  2. Tools > options > general
  3. Uncheck the "automatically create drawing canvas when inserting autoshape" box
  4. Done!

How to remove the Drawing Box in Microsoft Word
how to remove the Autoshape Drawing Box in Microsoft Word
how to remove the Drawing canvas Box in Microsoft Word
how to remove the "Create your drawing here." Box in Microsoft Word