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Friday, February 27, 2009

LCD goes black but still on

Problems with Polyview V17E 17" LCD:

Screen goes black but the LCD light still shows on mode instead of power saver. Turning off the LCD's power and then back on seems to show 1 second of graphics before going black again.

Any ideas?

Orginising your desktop for tidy PC users

I have all my icons neatly organised at the bottom of my desktop BUT now there's a new better way to organise icons on the desktop. You can organise everything from type of shortcut, purpose area to place all the software (for work, home, kids etc.)

The software is called Fences from Stardock.

Click picture to view full sized version.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mobile phones to have standard chargers

Major mobile phone manufactures have agreed to start developing a standardised phone charger to save consumers replacement costs, as well as make chargers re-usable, transferable etc. which all leads to less wastage and costs to consumers.

This is great news as I have noticed and ahted how the same brand, different model has a different charger, even different plug shape.

Reference: SMH

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Opening/Unzipping .zip.001

I have some files:

Gecsoft.zip.001, Gecsoft.zip.002, Gecsoft.zip.003

and I can't open or unzip them using my regular decompression software, what can I do?

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Type in cmd
  3. Press enter
  4. I'll assume you are not familiar with comand prompt so I'll make this simpler for you.
  5. Have a look at what the current address is pointing to eg. E:\, whatever that says, type it into a windows explorer window or just go to that address whatever way you know how to.
  6. Go to the folder where the Gecsoft.zip.001 etc. files are and copy them
  7. Paste them into the folder you just opened, in my example E:\
  8. Now back to the command prompt and type in:
  9. copy /b "Gecsoft.zip.001" + "Gecsoft.zip.002" + "Gecsoft.zip.003" "Gecsoft.zip"
  10. Now unzip the new Gecsoft.zip file just created.

Special thanks to: http://www.utteraccess.com/forums/printthread.php?Cat=&Board=20&main=1604413&type=thread 's theDBguy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pros and Cons of Exclusive Laptops

Some companies make exclusive laptops. An example would be Harvey Norman, they have specially made laptops made from Toshiba.

The way it works is usually they get a base model and add or upgrade one or two specs of it say RAM or CPU.

The pros:

  • Usually works out much cheaper then buying the next model up with similar specs

The cons:
  • Because they are based on another model, it doesn't usually look any different externally, exclusive only in price as a final result
  • Support on manufacturers website and forums as well as Google doesn't usually work for you unless you know what model your exclusive laptop is based upon.
  • You need to know what specs you have inside to determine driver and BIOS updates etc.
  • There usually isn't a brochure or specs sheet with the exclusive models, only main stream models.

Destination Folder Access Denied

"you need permission to perform this action"

Try this:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Windows7 screengrabs


Check out some of the features upcoming to Windows 7 OS.

Toshiba Model Number Crisis (A300-R01)

Just want to share a funny thing that happened over all the major computer retailers last weekend.

They all managed to get a picture of the latest model but name it as one of the older model.

I was even told by one of the major firms that this is a genuine mistake, the picture depicts an even older model than the one for sale and that they reject my claim of false advertising. But being a Toshiba fan and IT student, I know he was lying to my face. the picture is of the newest models ranging to $2500.

To save the company face, I have attached a cropped image of the advertisement. As almost all major stores have done this I would assume its a fault with Toshiba's marketing and not with the retailers themselves.

But check this out, The yellow picture is the company the sales rep said that it is a genuine mistake as the picture is of an older model and that its not false advertising as the model for sale is newer then the one depicted. But what's this????? Check out the "New Model" under it!!

Was quite disappointing as the real one for sale looked like this (not exactly but similar style, weird thing is I can't even find a pic of the one they tried to sell me. The picture below is more sexy and shiny):

Friday, February 6, 2009

Removing Blogger/Blogspot banner border

Removing Blogger/Blogspot header/banner border

  1. First go to blog.
  2. Go to layout tab
  3. Click "Edit HTML" link
  4. Press CTRL + F and type in "header"
  5. Press next or find next until you see the follow below:
#header-wrapper {
margin: 0px -5px;
border:0px solid $bordercolor;

Change the default number to 0 (where the Red zero is placed)

Now click preview and see if that's what you wanted. Next click save template if so.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quick Laptop Buyers Guide Checklist

Obvious things:

  • CPU speed and CLASS (a 3Ghz Pentium doesn't mean its faster than a 2.4Ghz Core2Duo)
  • Graphics card, dedicated or integrated and memory
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive Space
  • Screen Size
  • DVD drives
  • Operating system

Things you should come to this site to check:

  • Weight of laptop
  • Battery life
  • CPU access panel
  • TV/FM tuner cards
  • Warranty
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Sound card and speakers (is it Altec Lansing or Harman Kardons, HQ speaker)
  • Size of carry bag you'll need
  • Power adapter (Australian only or International)

You might need it but didn't think at the time:

  • HDMI output (720p or 1080p)
  • Bluetooth
  • Firewire
  • Wi-fi 802.11N-draft
  • USB ports placement and quantity
  • Kensington lock port
  • Wi-fi switch
  • Audio output ports and location

Feel Free to comment your own list or additions.

Secure Conection Failed

Secure Conection Failed

www.xxxxxx.com uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)



Check your current time and date. Most likely you've maybe reset your clock or date through a BIOS reset or day light savings or whatnot. Change the time and date back to today's correct time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Installing Drivers off product disc

This is probably the most major tip I can give for newbie users trying to install hardware manually. Usually if you buy generics you will get a CD full of cr*p and sometimes even drivers from other products from the same company, to save money they've just produced the same CD for all products.

Older computer, OS and hardware may needed to be manually installed, no auto run CD wizard with nice graphics. Usually you have to go to Add New Hardware from control panel and let the computer find the new hardware and then ask you if you want to use the Internet, Floppy disc, Windows/Cab folder or specific location.

Many times you will point it to the CD or floppy the drivers are on but sometimes or most for me it won't find it as the drivers are rarely in that directory.

Usually it is in this format: D:/GenericsRus/Drivers/Windows/Winxp

Or something like that, the trick is to point it to the folder that has the .INF file or whatever instead of simple D:/ the directory of the CD but the folder in which the driver is in.

Continue using Windows 98 computers

I am just re-formatting my IBM Aptiva P3 700Mhz computer with Windows 98se.

It has gotten to the point where it is 3 generations behind for me hence more then 3 times slower than I now usual speed reaction.

So what can you still do? People usually recommend Linux or a light weight one anyways but I've had a look into it and it seems quite slower than Windows 98 not to mention a lot of your very old tech will not EVER get drivers or what not written for them to work.

What I am proposing:

* Windows 98se OS

* Firefox


* Defrag app for windows 98

* Maybe Spybot search and destroy

* Hardware Firewall via Ethernet

Hopefully this minimalist set up will make it a fast Internet terminal for the family.

BUT then these rules should be laid out:

* No personal data or personal websites are to be visited, only wiki etc. nothing where a username and password is required should be visited.

* No USB connecting to the computer unless the USB is thoroughly scanned for viruses on some other computer (pref. not a good one?)

But if your still keen on security and feel more comfortable there is a link here that talks about some solutions.

But Microsoft has cut off all support so I think if people want to hack your Windows98 they will eventually find a hole and get you no matter how good of anti-virus your using and as you get more updated anti-virus your computer will be more slow. The slower though the slower the virus can spread? but too slow to use? your choice....

2009 - A New Look Gec Living

This blog has always been called Gec Living but due to some randomness in the design of the banner it said Tech Blog. Some have also wondered what the connection between two girls and technology troubles had. So I listend and here we are 2009, A New Look Gec Living Banner!

Also you can Google for this blog if you ever forget the link by querying : "Gec Living"
Go through www.GecSoft.uni.cc

Please bookmark the blogspot link if you wish. There is no intention at this time to invest into a .Uni.CC domain.

New Banner special thanks to: jaylopez

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quicker Quick Launch in Vista (My Article 2)

You can launch your quick launch programs in Vista using the Windows Key and the rank that the program is located. For example if Firefox is in rank 1 (first icon from left in quick launch bar), you can launch it by pressing Windows Key + 1. This is very useful as your quick launch programs are usually only there because you use it heavily, I find it especially useful for those who have small screens on laptops or have track pads and no mouse on them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Black vs. White Hardware

I want to hear your opinion when choosing hardware.
Do you go for the white which is better for eyes and night work or the black which is more stylish and looks more expensive? Or if your a rebel, tell us what coloured hardware you have ;)

Your view and reasons... Go

Laptops as a desktop replacement and ergonomics of it

Yet another issue of issues of my life as an IT student.

As many would know the first thing primary school kids get when its back to school time is pens and pencils, and most would agree the first thing that comes to mind for Uni students is a notebook or netbook.

This is great especially for us in IT, having all of our files, settings and wallpaper customisations exactly the same as when we left it rather than having to get friendly and use to a foreign computer owned by the Uni.

Its all good until you come home and use the laptop for hours on end like you use to with a desktop, ergonomics - the killing disease of It pros. For those who have not heard or know of what ergonomics is, I suggest you do a quick Google job, it will provide more detail than I can provide with my personal whining of sore neck, funny arms and dry eyes.

So we now know what the problem is, bad heightened tables and bad position of screen and keyboard.

I'll be post back real soon my my attempts of saving myself from ergonomic damage without using pills or needles :o and more suggestions as well as tips and hints given by IT pros to office workers.

I am thinking of using my new cooling pad to elevate the laptop and hence LCD screen, Thanks to my friends at Targus!!
And then using my existing keyboard and mouse of my desktop. So place the laptop in front of my desktop LCD and disconnect the mouse and keyboards when switching between the two computers. This way I not only get a higher positioned screen, I also get the typical keyboard pull out tray on typical computer desks which means the laptop effectively becomes a desktop with a massive speaker system and large tower.
I was going to use cable clips to lock and release the mouse and keyboard cables (As I am not a fan of wireless M & KB battery consumption else it would be as simple as changing the USB receiver from desktop to laptop (and vice versa), as simple as plugging a USB thumb drive into another computer!!!!

I will need a USB mouse and KB, I have the mouse but not KB I have a PS2 KB so I'll either have to get a (PS2 to USB) plug or get a new KB. Using a hub I should be able to easily plug and unplug the mouse and KB wihtout having to fiddle with back of desktop tower or block up the USB ports on the front which are typically used for USB thumb drives.

Current success: Project Has Not Begun.

* Desktops can be easily cleaned
* Laptops can be an bleep to clean especially if it doesn't have an access panel

More Info on Ergonomics: