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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pros and Cons of Exclusive Laptops

Some companies make exclusive laptops. An example would be Harvey Norman, they have specially made laptops made from Toshiba.

The way it works is usually they get a base model and add or upgrade one or two specs of it say RAM or CPU.

The pros:

  • Usually works out much cheaper then buying the next model up with similar specs

The cons:
  • Because they are based on another model, it doesn't usually look any different externally, exclusive only in price as a final result
  • Support on manufacturers website and forums as well as Google doesn't usually work for you unless you know what model your exclusive laptop is based upon.
  • You need to know what specs you have inside to determine driver and BIOS updates etc.
  • There usually isn't a brochure or specs sheet with the exclusive models, only main stream models.

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