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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Know me better

Agree! MS Word incompatibility has been such a big issue for me when team members are sending me work that I have to have a footer in all my e-mails that says "I do not accept .docx formats" although now I've got an application that can help me convert it, also SP (serivce packs) for office can help and I might upgrade soon despite being lost in the changes to the interface in Word2007. Hey this gives me an idea, I'll try to remember to post about the conversion software for those who dislike the new interface of Word2007 or simply won't upgrade yet.

Yeah..... since getting a laptop with wireless i sit in the bus and read wireless name around the city and also in lecture rooms although i don't usually get quality names like in the comic. You'd think i would have something better to do with a laptop with super graphics....?

LOL, I sure hope this stuff doesn't really happen but the message behind the comic is a blast.

I see them like that sometimes but maybe not that extreme. I want a Prius!

I am probably not this person. Can anyone work out the tune the song is suspose to be in? it took me 3 tries to get it right.

I've taken most of these images from joyoftech.com as you might have noticed. Give them a visit sometime they have regular updates of these comics. I am choosing my favourites to post about, there is plenty more.

Googling my Blog

Try using this:

site:gecsoft.blogspot.com gec living

as a search query and you can browse around all my posts in my blog with helpful previews of the post and the normal functions you get with Google search.

Of course you could also use the top search bar of this blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Windows 7 preview clip

That's right you've been avoiding Vista for a while waiting for it to be iron out so it will be smother and more compatible but you always put it off because you hear lots of bad stuff about Vista. You won't give up because you know Windows XP can't live on forever and now that you haven't given up, MS has given up on Vista and is trying to build a new OS again to try and win back customers.

Here is a clip of a feature that might win many of you back.

Matrix comic

I've watched the Matrix but never got it, I am quite sure some of you out there will find it funnier than i do.

BY The Way, if the comics are too small for you to see you can click them and see the real sized version.

Once again thanks to the guys at xkcd.com

Citation Comic

This is more funny when I got into uni and realised what citations are.

Formal Party Comic

Thanks to the guys at xkcd.com

Mac-Bashing Joke

This joke is subjective so I'll just sit here and review my test results.

It Joke: Manual Process

I think this is a brilliant comic.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Currently Reading:

Trying to get more content on blog soon so I am just following these guides:



Outlook on my blog

I think i might start sharing entertaining stuff. This blog doesn't get a heap of hits and you would hope not cause if it did it means a lot of people are stressing and pulling out hair like i did when i had those tech. problems that your looking up.

So as an addition I'll try posting multimedia to make things a bit more interesting and also link to many funny and entertaining sites (to nerds at least)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MSWord toggling capitals

Select text and press Shift + F3 to toggle between all caps and all lower-case.

Tip from:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tip of a thought

Google gives the most free web space, i would say.

Before i give you my ideas why don't you think about all the cool stuff you could do with Google's storage?

There usually isn't any time limit of inactivity too, at least if there was it would be longer than most commercial services.