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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Login or password error when setting it up in Thunderbird?

Try using the username as the whole address rather than the first bit. For example use gecblog@uowmail.edu.au as the username instead of just gecblog. The Outlook exchange server is used by many different e-mail groups not just for example uowmail.edu.au so, you need to input that as well.

Common error message you get when this setting is incorrectly set up:

"Login Failed"
"Login to server pod51008@outlook.com failed."
"Retry, Enter New Password, Cancel"

Friday, February 18, 2011

All my Excel cells are greyed out and I can't re-colour them

If everything in Excel is all gray and you can not change any of the colours even after changing the formatting. Then most likely you are viewing the Excel workbook in "Page Break Preview", if all the cells are gray even if you have nothing in it and never used that cell, then my guess is "Page Break Preview!

GO to View > Normal View and well. that should be it.

View > Page Break Preview to make it all gray again.

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