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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

After that last post

I think I can say before calling technical support if your using Vista and something won't run properly (especially if it ran perfect in Windows XP) try:

* Disabling UAC
* Running as Administrator.

Installing Applocale In Windows Vista


That is a good link to a solution but lacks some details like how to get to command prompt and how to move navigate command prompt to the location of the apploc.msi file directory.

Command prompt:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click command prompt > Run as Administrator

Navigating to apploc.msi
I still have no idea how to navigate to another hard disk so I simple copy and pasted the installer file into the System32 folder (default place that my command prompt was at) so all I have to do was type "\apploc.msi" and press enter

Turning off UAC
Go to control panel > User Accounts > Turn on or off UAC

It installed correctly but I still can't get a program to work using Applocale. Save Me

Fix: I was running Applocale from the start menu, you have to run it as administrator (unless you followed link above and disabled UAC first) for me it was installed in C:\Windows\AppPatch\

If you want to find out you can right click on the shortcut in the start menu and click properties and the address in the "Start In" form box is the place its located in, copy and paste that into Windows Explorer address bar and hit enter.

BTW what I am trying to do is open a rar file that has files saved in Chinese and it won't extract as my Vista can't recognise the file names. So I use Applocale in XP and am trying it in Vista.

Update: It wasn't as quick and easy as XP, Using IZAC to extract Chinese files only extracted the English files but double clicking the other files extracted it into the folder with only English files that were extracted in the first go.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vista Search

I just realised something. When your searching for files using MS Windows Vista's search toolbar, you have to search for the whole file name. You can search for half of it. I was looking for a song called something Driver.mp3 but when searched it would show up. Then I remembered my computer course I did and used a wild card (? and *) so *driver brought up all the mp3 songs with driver in the file name and found it!

? - Used for when your not sure of a certain letter in the search word
e.g. ?ing can give ping, ding, bing, sing

* - Used for when your not sure of an unlimited number of letters in search word.
e.g. *top can give rooftop, stop, bigtop, coolestbiggestcircusbigtop

? and * can be used in many search programs and they can be used in anywhere in the search words. Like it can be Toma?o or Tri*


My advice is the best I can give but there are many great people on the Internet who have invested the time and effort and have post many good suggestions to solutions and other sites you should check. So please if you have time, compare my post and comments of others, You'll often find that the material in the comments are very valuable and better than my suggestions.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Enable Hibernation in Vista

Re-enable hibernation in vista
Hibernation disappeared in Vista
Can't hibernate computer in vista
Enable hibernation in Vista
Turn on hibernation in Vista

I've been searching everywhere for a way to enable hibernation again, it was so useful for my laptop especially running with the battery and such.

Here is a good solution site:

It writes:

1. Click Start, All Programs, and then right click on "Command Prompt".
2. From the context menu click on "Run as administrator".
3. If User Account Control prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue.
4. In the command prompt window, type "powercfg –h off" (or "on" without the quotes) followed by Enter button.
4. Close the Command Prompt window and you're done :)

But I'd prefer due to different "All Programs" set out:

1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories and then right click on "Command Prompt".
2. From the context menu click on "Run as administrator".
3. If User Account Control prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue.
4. In the command prompt window, type "powercfg –h off" (or "on" without the quotes) followed by Enter button.
4. Close the Command Prompt window and you're done :)

200th Post!!! (Cheap adhesives)

Picture stolen from (hope its ok)

Thanks all to those who have read all my 200 posts (which should be almost none of you)
Anyway Yay, and i hope to get to the 500 mark with more readers : )

The 200th post is about an easy cheap way to sticking computer/technology together. Do you have anything that was glued but due to cheap labour it has come off? SuperGlue is a solution and can be quite cheap, blu-tack won't hold and sticky tape makes you look like an irresponsible technology consumer.

My solution can be undone unlike SuperGlue, My solution; is pineapples, WHat?? All this excitemnet about the 200th post must have made this autor crazy. Well I am not sure about in other countries but in Australia, most pineapples come with a sticker tag label which is held by glue, usually flexible sticky glue, take a bit of it and use it as blu-tack to stick things together. When you, if, want to undo this adhiesive, just pull really hard and you should be able to remove whatever you stuck together with a bit of a glue smudge that is removable but that's it, completely undo-able, but for those moments that you want to stuck things flat and never remove, use SuperGlue! enjoy, and I hope that your pineapples don't use solid hot glue or what not.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Marketing of this Blog

I just came across this Blog also about technologies, sort of.
A special thing I have noticed is that each post is accompanied by an irrelevant or semi-relevant picture of good looking girls holding or using the technology (its kinda like some Japanese marketing theory, lol) but has little contribution to the content at all.
I mean I have an irrelevant banner with two females on it but is that enough? What can I do to increase the presentation of my Blog? your comments are necessary.

Backspace and Delete

A common function that I've been using ever since I discovered it is the del key.
You usually use backspace (commonly known as the delete key but in fact its a backspace for obvious reasons after reading this post) to delete letters you've typed and you usually have to move the cursor in front of the letter(s) you want to delete then press backspace to delete backwards.

If you use the del key it deletes keys that are in front of the cursor and this can be very useful for when you want to fix mistakes in front of the cursor without having to press the arrow buttons or use the mouse to adjust the cursor position to backspace.

NOTE: Del and Delete is the same. On my laptop its written as Del, on desktop keyboards it can be either Delete or Del. And whilst I am at it, INS is the same as Insert.

Website with worksheet for keyboard learning

A really good website for royalty-free stuff

Wow, i wished i knew about this earlier. I usually Google what media I want with an additional "royalty-free", "free", "public domain" "free to use", "freeware", "opensource" or "GNU" etc. keyword to make sure the things I download and use for school/uni projects/websites/games are ok to use (I usually give credit to them anyway just in case I broke a condition, I hate fine print)

Anyway, There is this search engine that does that for you, it only brings up results that have had the licence of use determined and sorted so you can be sure that there is the ability to use the material free no strings attached, free with credit given or special usage conditions etc.

Its called : CC Search or Creative Commons Search

Exceptions for clear cookies action firefox add-on

Ok, I have no idea how do this but I know someone who does!



1. Go to Tools->Options->Privacy tab.
2. Make sure 'Accept cookies from sites' is checked and in the dropdown menu underneath that starts with 'Keep until' , make sure 'I close Firefox is selected.
3. Now click 'Exceptions' and in the Exception - Cookies window, type in the name of the site you want to keep the cookies for and then click the 'Allow' button. It should be added to the exceptions list below.
4. Repeat for all the different cookies you want to keep and click Close. You should now be back in the Privacy tab.
5. Keep in mind that some sites may have multiple cookies with slightly different addresses from a particular site. So check out your current cookies for that site by clicking the 'Cookies' button to make sure you have all needed cookies for a particular site added.
6. These next steps are very important and if you don't do these correctly, there may be a conflict that prevents the cookie saving from working properly. In the Private data section of the Privacy tab, make sure that 'Always clear my private data when I close firefox' is unchecked.
7. Click on the 'Settings' button and in the 'Clear Private data' window, make sure that 'Cookies' is unchecked and then click OK.
8. Make sure 'Ask me before clearing private data' is checked and click OK to close the Options window.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woolworths Self-Serve Counters

You've heard about the use of RFIDs (microchips that are wirelessly detected and have individual reference ids unlike barcodes) to automatically checkout a cart of items in 5 seconds all in one go!

In Australia we might be behind in technology due to us having to import in lots of technology and not inventing enough (I think) You might be thinking self-serve checkouts? ... oh i remember them, the good old days before these robotic checkout androids (in your country).

Anyways, I was scared!! scared!! an indescribable feeling when i went to Woolworths and suddenly there are self-serve checkout counters. I wasn't surprised by iPods or such but wow (btw, I am only like 19)

My Summery about it is:

* I didn't feel it was simple enough (too many buttons possible for non-tech savvy customers, the steps to take next aren't clear enough, I felt there was too many other options (which are needed but yeah I like to complain)

* You need to place items in the bagging area for sensors to detect before you can get next item scanned. I was buying a cube of Coke, for me this was doing weights, picking it up, scanning it, placing it in the bagging area (but not placing it in a bag) and then picking it up and re-scanning it (I was buying more than one cube)

* I would like a detachable scanner but most products have barcodes in the right places (even the box of Coke had a barcode on the bottom so no need to tilt the box.

* The notes change and coins come from very separate areas and I fear that many people may forget to get their change, but I haven't experienced the machines enough to know how it works in reminding people to get their change. I guess i should trust IT ppl in the design more

* A good thing is the supporting check out staff was very supportive and will tutor you in how to use it, which made me feel that it wasn't fast and easy enough, maybe my IT student ego had a play in that...

Lets discuss if you want. Here are some more solid facts: (I could be wrong . . . . sometimes . . lots)

I liked the change system (I wonder if its fool proof, how can I prove that I did put in $100 note and it ripped me off $80, but then again who uses a $100 note for $20 of items)

I feel like a thief, without interacting with a human and just grabbing the items and walking out after pressing some buttons, something the next generations should feel (I am feeling old now)

News Article about it
(Apparently I am months behind, I should go to shops more, lol)

Creating your own power plan (Vista)

How do you create a new power plan in Vista? and Why?
Sometimes you want to use Power Saver or High Performance mode but want to have some adjustments to them in less common cases.

Like for me, I want all Power Saver/High Performance/Balanced modes to turn off the screen on battery/plugged in after about 5-10 mins cause that's how I liked it on the desktop.

My problem is when I am watching a movie or whatever the screen turns off automatically, which is annoying to move the mouse every 10 minutes. But I also don't want the screen on all the time when I am defraging the laptop or left it.

Here is How

Right-click on the power icon in the system tray > Power Options

In the left menu click "Create a power plan" > Give it a name > Choose what plan you want to edit > Make further edits if you want like never turn off the screen etc.

Now everytime you want that power plan just left-click the power icon and change it like you usually do with changing to power saver plan etc.

If you don't have a power icon on your system bar:

Right-Click bottom bar > Properties > Notification Area > Check Power

If you don't have a power icon on your system bar and DON'T want it:

Start > Control Panel > Power Options

I hope I've been detailed enough, questions always welcomed

MSN sound clip not working

Hmm, Not sure if it is obvious how to fix this but just then I got taps instead of what my mic was recording and it annoyed the recipient as they thought I was playing with it but I was really saying and sending a message which turns out to be a tap.

Tools > Audio and Video setup > go thorough the process and set up mic to right level etc.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sending E-mails to many people w/ the use of BCC

A very very very commonly asked question and exam question is that use and acronyms for BCC and CC.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy - Used so no one can see who (in Bcc) you sent the e-mail to

CC stands for Carbon Copy - Hmm, Not really sure, maybe you in the past couldn't be able to use "," in the "To:" section to add more recipients.?? Can someone please confirm for me?

Anyway, If your e-mail client/program/website doesn't let you send an e-mail with no one in the To: section, just add your own e-mail address in the To: and then all recipients in the Bcc field. This will allow you to send an E-mail to everyone without anyone knowing who else you sent the e-mail too.
I find this should be used for when sending e-mails to different groups of friends to help protect your high school friend's e-mail addresses from being visible to your relatives and vice versa for example. Especially if you send chain mail!

If your using Thunderbird, just select the To: (which is a drop down) and select Bcc to not even need to Add a To: in the e-mail. Your recipient(s) will only see a From: field with your e-mail and nothing else.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Open links in new tab Firefox (V2.0)

For those who didn't like my method of using the CTRL or CTRL + SHIFT to open links etc. in a new tab. You can get it to open in new tabs as default.

  • Get a add-on called Tab Mix Plus
  • Goto Tools > Tab Mix Plus Options > Events > Tab Opening > "Open Tabs From:" section tick all the things you want e.g. search box, hyperlinks, bookmarks.

Some may find this annoying but I think you can use the CTRL to inverse the open in tab actions?

Anyway, use this method only if you like to open in new tab more than open in existing tab web surfing experience.

Firefox not opening jpgs

Firefox tries to save jpgs/pictures instead of opening/viewing them in a tab/firefox.
Firefox tries to save images
Firefox won't display images and asks me to save it instead.

I was having some problems, selective actually, not all jpgs do this but some from some websites won't open in a new tab, window or existing tab instead it shows me the Open with/Save As dialogue. Its been very annoying as I will save images I want (to see only) manually and hate it when my documents folder gets filled up with useless pictures.

I figured out the simple solution, its actually quite obvious, I've just been too lazy to read the dialogue till it annoyed me enough.

Anyway, Go to the open with bit, it should by default have something like windows fax viewer or something like that. Click browse to select a new program to open the pictures with. Find Firefox, check the "Always perform this action from now on" or similar message and click OK. Future pictures should open in Firefox now, that way you can always clear temp internet data and delete all the pictures you've viewed instead of having to select them manually from your my documents folder to delete.

Vista Disk Clean Up Results

Is it a coincidence?
I just did a disk clean up scan on my Vista computer and it had 50MB of Temporary Internet Data and 1.2GB of Windows compatibility data (apparently data used to try and track down and solve compatibility issues?)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finding out song names

Don't you just hate it when you get a glimpse of a good song in a movie or TV series and never know what the song is called?

I have found two ways, The first, if its not heavy metal or instrumental, listen carefully to the words of the song and type it in Google with lyrics attached to the words and search for a lyrics site that has the correct lyrics and get the song name from that page.

Else if it is really catchy try to search for (movie name) background songs

Another chance could be to try and find it in the credits, which should have been your first step before the two attempts above.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Audacity missing "What you hear" recording option (Follow Up and Success Fixed)

"What you hear" option is missing from audacity
Can't record with "What you hear" in audacity
How do i enable "What you hear" recording in audacity
How to record what you hear in vista

This seems to be the question we were having in our last post:

It seemed to be an issue with MS Vista and last time i suggested that it may need a driver update to overwrite the existing one which may be causing some sort of limitation of the "What you hear" function that allows you to record everything your speaker plays.

After a bit of tips and inspiration from
Judas (Thanks Judas) from the forum DriverHeaven I've come up with my simple to follow complete guide for fixing (really re-enabling this feature in Vista machine) the problem of not being able to record "What you hear" and lets be honest there are some of us who use this for legit reason and why should we suffer?


STEP 1 (Re-enabling "Stereo Mix", apparently this is the name of the function in the sound card that allows recording of output audio.)

Start > Control Panel > (In Classic View) Sound > Recording This is for Vista, XP is similar

Right-click in empty area > Click [Show Disabled Devices]

There should be a icon in the list called "Stereo Mix"

Right-click and uncheck [Disable], so it is not disabled (i.e. no tick next to disable)

than click OK and your Done!!

STEP 2 (Getting Audacity to record from the Stereo Mix device) If your not using Audacity, you'll have to search a tutorial for the software your using else search my blog to find out more about Audacity and use it instead. BUT read this part anyway it may contain similar instructions just in different properties dialogues for your software.

Open up Audacity

You will see that the traditional box that has Mic, What you Hear, Line-in etc. is still shaded out and has nothing in it, unlike that of Windows XP and 98se machines. For me at least

OK so what we got to do now and in the future is:

(In Audacity btw) Edit > Preference > (In "Recording" Box) Change the Device to "Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition)" It may not be Realtek, depending on the brand of your sound card.

Now click [OK]

Open a movie or MP3 and start recording in Audacity, stop and play. Does it play back what you've just recorded? If so your done!

If you ever want to change back to recording from the Mic. change the settings in the "Recording" Box of preferences to Microphone.

Its not as convenient as the Windows XP or 98SE Audacity but at least it now works so you can continue to record sound clips from your digital videos and make mp3 ringtones from family holiday movie sound clips etc. Enjoy!!

If I've helped you solve this huge problem that I thought was impossible too, please post a comment on how I've helped you or how happy you feel in the post. Or you can always support my supporters websites above in Google Ads too if your interested in their products/services.

My final conclusion:
Install and Run WINDOWS XP as dual boot =D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


http://www.swapace.com Is quite fun and I am hooked, lol.
I am not a real big fan of eBay or such sites but I'll see how this site goes.

I am using it mainly because as an IT student you get new gear and also because I am a bit green and hate e-waste, my council won't do much, no one will do much either without charging me a pick-up fee so I am trying to find owners for my out-dated tech. and hope to extend its life and hope that by then its new owner will have the free facilities from governments etc. to recycle the electronics.

I am sure the site does a better job at describing their wide free services so I'll leave it to them instead of trying to cover it all here.

Google Earth and Lively not working

Comodo Firewall doesn't start up automatically with Windows Vista.
A problem I am having with Vista has caused this problem. For some reason Comodo firewall won't start up automatically with Vista, well I am sure its not in the processes in the task manager but am not sure if it is running behind the scenes as it is blocking the proper installation and running of Google's software (which needs Internet connection).

To overcome this problem before I had to launch the Comodo firewall (cfp.exe) and then the allow or block windows come up for the Google software and clicking allow gets it all working again. But if I ever forget that its not running and forget about this fix I spend lots of time trying all sorts of useless solutions.

Another fix is to add the cfp.exe as a shortcut in the Start > All Programs > StartUp folder
This will make it run automatically at start up but a problem is that the Comodo control panel window opens up each time, which is really annoying.

The fix i found today (hopefully the winner) is setting the auto-startup settings manually, its usually set up automatically in XP but for Vista apparently do this:
Open cfp.exe > Miscellaneous (in top menu buttons) > Settings > General > Check (Automatically start the application with windows (Recommended), Show the balloon messages, show traffic animation in the tray)
This will make it start up automatically and also make it more apparent that it is running.

Back Up benefits

As you may know, I've a laptop and desktop that are primary computers. Backing up data from both allows me to keep a copy in case of software/hardware failure, it also allows me to use the hard disk to sync data between computers but some data I won't sync to the laptop due to the nature of the laptop and theft. So instead when I need these types of files, I get my hard disk out instead of stating up my desktop computer. This allows me to save lots of time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why I think Generation Y is more Internet than TV

The nature of the Internet lets individuals request information, This allows people to choose what they want to watch on a computer (TV only allows you to add captions that's about as dynamic as it gets, although I predict TV will have DVD features soon like audio, angles, 5.1, chapter selection?) but a TV station will only broadcast certain shows they have rights for and only show them if enough people or advertisers want them to. Your also restricted to a number of channels on free-to-air TV.
The Internet allows you to watch videos that suit your specific interest. For example I am able to watch interesting documentaries on technology or Anime etc. when and where I want, shows that TV won't even consider showing unless there is demand and a large viewer range.
This is most likely a reason why YouTube is so famous too, If your not into the top40 countdown on TV you could always watch classical music concerts on YouTube or paining tips and tricks etc. all these may seem boring to you but that's why the Internet is so great, it gives an economical way for people with similar interests (even if its a rare one) to watch and share programs and shows of interest.

Thought about eduction and piracy

Do you think that general consumers and the public (even the older generation of grandparents) are becoming more tech. savvy and educated as a result of piracy??
What that sounds stupid yes? the only thing you can learn from piracy is that "you wouldn't steal a car, although some slacko do so why would you steal a movie, piracy is theft" Some parents and grandparents are getting mp3 players from the younger generation are are learning to how use it and how to buy mp3s off the Internet.

As for the younger generations I think they've learnt technology for piracy benefits, if they learn and teach themselves, they get the reward of ripped off movies, music etc. I am not saying its good but I am saying that could it be a drive behind the new tech. savvy generation? If you tell them there is an exam after learning all this, I think less people would be so interested and have this never giving up attitude towards learning about technology.

  • How to use Google
  • How to use peer to peer sharing networks and software
  • How to use and download torrent content
  • Learn about ISOs and burning discs
  • Learn about CODECs and compression such as MP3s
  • How to search digitally in general
  • How to use the Internet and Internet browsers
  • Using compression software such as winzip
  • Setting up networks and firewalls
  • Learning about IPs and ISPs
  • Understanding digital protection and copyrights
If they used a proper site such as iTunes, its made simple and easy to use for consumer benefits and business reasons so there is no need to learn these other technology methods. Still as an IT student piracy is bad, I've done programming and I am telling you its not easy to program a simple script let alone a whole game so pay for it and reward those who somehow managed to survive programming class.


Laptop Opps

I was playing a game on my laptop yesterday and was hungry so i decided to get something to eat, in front of gaming (a rule I made to never be broken (by others, lol) but I did) and opps, the food crumbed and it was horrific.
Those who know me will know what I am like with my laptop and will wonder why polishing the LCD cover has to be a multiple task each day.
Anyways the crumbs were near and on the keyboard, if I were to slide it off it would surely smudge so in panic but still conscious I decided to vacuum it off and it worked. So keep in mind of using that to clean things dropped into the keyboard of laptops, shaking it may make it fall behind the keys, wiping it down will make it smudge or wet. Your probably not going to not ever eat near your computer so just know the solution as the prevention is only effective for a matter of time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Recycling Mobile Phones, Free

21 posts to go until we hit the 200 post count!

This site claims they will send you a post paid bag for you to ship your old mobile phones to them. They say that if you do they will donate money for every phone you send. So gather you family, friends etc. that don't use the Internet as much as send it all off!

Another similar site without the charity

Pretty much the title says it. This is another site with free shipping paid bags for you to send your mobiles and save the environment.

Another solution
Go to your local phone store and ask if they accept it, some major service providers will accept the phones and send it off for you.

My Little Project

Remember about how I last time posted about making a duct tape USB drive from an old MP3 player?

Well as my post below showed, I am trying to theme it and decorate it.

A thing that i find useful from old technology (namely printers) are their stickers of their logo. Its not a complete recycling plan for electronic waste but I've saved a couple of grams re-using these stickers.

Its worked for an Epson printer and a HP one. I am not sure if all printers brands use sticker based logos or engraved logos etc.

Check out my photos:

HP printer that is waiting for a place to be recycled at.

My custom USBstick, now with a big brand name badge

Thats one less thing to need recycling.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Customise your USB thumb drive

^ Screenshot of what USB stick looks like in My Computer.

Add a icon to your USB thumb drives to make it unique and also help distinguish between devices.

What we are going to do in this tutorial is create or use an icon (.ico format) and make it the icon for a USB thumb drive. By experience this will only work on Windows Xp, Vista and maybe 2000 but not for Windows 98se or lower.

I can't teach you how to make your own icon, maybe i can hellp you convert a .gif or jpeg file to a .ico file but in this tutorial I won't cover how to create a custom icon. Search Windows folder for ".ico" files for some cool icons.

OK, first of all what we are going to do is create an Autorun.inf file which is what they usually use for CDs and DVDs that has something pop up automatically like installer windows etc (aka AutoRun) To make it clear which device to assign the icon to and
to allocate the icon to be used no matter what computer you plug the USB into
we are going to create an autorun.inf file and place it and the icon file into the USB drive.

Open up Notepad.exe:

Type in:

File > Save as "Autorun.inf" into your USB drive

Copy your icon file into the USB drive too (make sure the icon file is named as "logo.ico" else you will have to edit "icon=newfilename.ico" in the Autorun.inf file but its easier renaming the icon file.

Unplug the drive and now re-plug it, Tar-Dar

To make the USB drive folder neater:

Right-click the two files and click properties and check the hidden boxes for both files.

Tools > Folder Options > View > Do Not Show Hidden Files or Folders (hides hidden folders throughout your computer, can be a drastic change for you, "Choose
Show Hidden Files" or Folders to restore back to showing hidden files. )

That will make your file hidden so they never get in the way.


Just recently did this for fun to all my USB sticks, if you’re silly enough or for what ever reason what your own photo or face on it, you can always send me photo and I can make it into an .ico file for you or you can use software out there that does that too. Remember pictures should be simple as icons are 32 by 32 and you’ll have hardly any detail if you place a huge picture for me to convent. Also if you have .exe files such as games, software etc. that you want to use the logo for (private use) you can try this free and wonderful program called rainbow iconextracter.

A bit of fun on the net

A website of some really nice wallpapers, mostly high definition. A moderate range of gallery, from nature to cars and abstracts. A really good place if your planning on showing off your new LCD HD TV or screen.

Randy Glasbergen Computer Humor
A website with a demo collection of really funny comics featuring computers and technology irony and humor. Its by a famous artist and you may have seen his work in newspapers before. An alright sized range of comics to view for free.

This use to be my favourite website for small sized 3D videos to download and watch on portable devices. But has now become a website with High Definition (720p) video. It also features, short films, commercials, trailers and funny clips. A must for HD lovers and portable movie watchers.

This site is amazing, it managed to catch and write down all the mistakes in movies, TV series on TV. I really don't realise these mistakes until reading about them, a really nice site for some fun and laughs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Email Cash

This is my favourite program so far. There are many things that make EMC different from other programs out there on the Internet; Guaranteed points each day
This is by far the biggest earning program i have participated in.

Guaranteed daily ways:

  • Daily survey (one question survey, sometimes none but you still get the points)
  • Web clicks (click on a web banner ad)
  • Thats 5cents a day for ~3 minutes of time
Chance ways of getting points:
  • Guessing game (lottery style game, 200 points as prize ~$2)
  • eBank (place your points to deposit to earn interest)
  • Games (vs. other members in games and win their points, or lose yours)
Main way to earn big:
  • Buy things from EMC's partners to earn points per dollar you spent
  • Reading e-mails sent to you (very good frequency, not annoying at all and works out to be about 5cents per e-mail)
  • Doing surveys (mostly all good ones, no stupid or too personal surveys. Mostly things are like have you seen theses ads and do you like to watch this ad, did you find it funny? etc.)

My personal results:
Tested by me: YES
Min for payout: None ($32 for cash payout)
Total earnings: $30 cheque, $30 cheque, ~$20 chess game i won in auction (as at posting date)
Payment type: gift cards, cheques, prizes, auctions, charity
Joined: 3 years
Annoyance: Not at all, wished i had more surveys etc.

Family member results:
Total earnings: $30 cheque x 3
Joined: 2 years

These results were gained without buying a single thing from partners of EMC and NOT doing the daily points each day, just participating in surveys and web clicks. Results can vary depending on your interest profile. Results can be astronomically increased buy buying from EMC partners.

More Info

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Gomez Peer

Basically, You download and run an application like a Boinc application except that this one uses your CPU only a couple of hours instead of continous long time processing (like Boinc projects) and it also uses the Internet a bit more often than most Boinc projects but low in bandwidth, high frequency but low data flow. It says it uses your computer to create reports for clients about the accessiblity and speed of their websites over different countires and connectiosn.

OS: >Windows 2000
Internet: Anything even dial up (actually dial up users get a $2 bonus for just joining)

Website for more information: http://peer.gomez.com
Website to use to join: Join! (i get referal points, please)

My personal results:
Tested by me: YES
Min for payout: $5
Total earnings: $6 (as at posting date)
Payment type: PayPal
Joined: 1 year
Annoyance: Nill


This is a roblem i had with a program/service i am going to talk about soon. The good people at this site had solved the problem, make a note of this post before signing up for the program/serivce later.

The main problem is that people download incorrect GOMEZ PEER software.

When you will go for downloading GOMEZ PEER software you will find.

1> Download US PEERInstall.exe (19.1 MB)

2> Download International PEERInstall.exe (22.1 MB)

The user thinks that the option 1 is only for US members and option 2 is only for international members. Now this is the thinking which causes the error FAILED TO CONTACT GOMEZ PEER(2).

Actually the option 1 is for those who have the US-English Language as their operating system language. So, if you are from India, US etc. and if yours computer uses US-English Language for operating system then you have to download the US PEERInstall.exe of 19.1 MB.

And if yours computer uses any other language except US-English then you have to download the International PEERInstall.exe of 22.1 MB.

Bag of CDs

I've been using computers for about 8 years now and I have a bag of 5 CDs that i can stamp as defiantly obsolete. That's not much you would probably say but it looks like its going to start to rise in number as I switch to Vista as a heap of very old games won't work, old driver CDs for dead printers and scanners etc. but what to do with them?

I've seen websites with donate your CDs to them kind of things but I really don't trust ppl with my burnt CDs, don't mind the ones i brought but don't know what they can do with my old music compilations etc.

Still looking for recycling methods, care to suggest?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Win98se USB drives

Hmm, I must have uninstalled a driver or soemthing because no USB thumb drives will work on my Win98se computer.

I am trying a driver from this site to see if that was what i had installed before.

I'll have to use a floppy disk to get the file onto the computer of course.

Update: Umm a simple restart seemed to fix the problem, lol

Free Mobile Links

I hate the so called free stuff where you actually pay $5 for the sms delivery of your "free" thing. Anyway a good thing most phones and computers have bluetooth or use cables now so you can download for free and upload to your phone free stuff.


Free mobile content downloads features themes, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, games for download.

Mobile 9
Also in a free to download format, features themes, ringtones, wallpapers, videos, screensavers, software, operator logos, flash, sms? and sony psp?.
I have only used the ringtones before and they worked and was free.
You also have the ability to upload your own work and creations for others to use on their phones.


Download free Java games for your mobile by uploading it via bluetooth or usb data cables. I have downloaded a few games from this site successfully and freely without joining and they have a huge range of phone support but unfortuanately due to my phone being only able to install games from sms and can't from bluetooth, I am not able to give you any feedback about quality of legit of their games.

Fishing story

You know about the electronic mail fishing techniques and have heard about people falling for the bait.

"You bank needs you to update and verify your bank account details and password, please go to the website and update this information now (so we can spend your money asap as there is a car on ebay i really want)"

^ That kind of stuff.

But recently I received a scam in the physical mail (yes I do too have a mailbox for physical mail, lol)

"ms ____ please sit tight for the next few day take a few minutes to get used to the idea of what it will feel like if your are the confirmed winner of our $30,000 lucky number give away. in the next few days important documents will arrive at ______ in a blue and white envelope marked "EXPRESS DAY TIMED DELIVERY". it contains everything you need to guarantee your chance to take delivery of the prize cheque. (Please see over for details on how to recognise your package when it arrives) then be prepared to respond at once. the regulations governing this prize draw require timely response. And of course, were always pleased to award a big cash prize to a new winner. There for we hope your prepared to reply as soon as your package arrives.

Best regards "

^ Thanks for that Reader's digest
So its not only on the Internet, keep an eye out for p-mail scams, they're still out there!

I want to know how they got my info, under the Freedom of Information Act, I should be able to find out what data organisation have about me. I thin avoiding giving your information out when signing up on the Internet is a good start or use throw away e-mails (I'll talk on that laters).

Change due to technology

We've all heard it before, the love of technology but also the other side of the story, the business or employment losses due to technology. Should we try to wind back technology or live with the changes it has made and advance on? and as an IT student will I benefit from the job losses of other industries due to IT industry?

  • Computerisation of labour-based tasks
  • Multimedia industry with piracy
  • Phone industry with VOIP and mobile phones
  • DVD/CD rentals with Internet based download, pay per view services

Comment with your personal list of technolgoy that have made business or job loss.

Good uses of VOIP

Some people are leaving their home phones and switching to VOIP as a full time phone.
I am not sure about your country but in mine there are some problems with telemarketers, too many calls really.

I was thinking if you use VOIP would you be off their list as VOIP numbers aren't in the phone books? of course if you enter competitions and give out your phone number in forms and membership clubs etc. you could get some calls even though they're not meant to sell your info to marketing companies. But I was also thinking does it open you to telemarketers even more? if you think about it, it costs 55cents to make a landline phone call and like 10cents or even free to call you via VOIP, it makes so much more sense to telemarketing you cause if i don't make a sale, fine, I've only wasted time and wages, no phone calls.

Some advantages that still exist in landline phones:

  • emergency calls and relation between phone number and residence location
  • ability to make a call even when the Internet is down or your computer has a virus, your modem died, or there is a black out as most home phones use a built-in power source
  • ability to make prank callers pay more for their fun and hopefully discourage long term prank calls.

Hacking benefits?

What is hacking? reverse engineering? altering original design?

I think some of us "hack" in many of our technology lives, not so much as laughing hugging a ball of cash that the ATM threw up but small things like altering the design of technology, installing informal software to override limits in software (unlimited nudges in MSN, removing annoying software designs etc.) some "hacks" are legit and provide personal benefits to mass produced technology.

The more commonly known involves exploiting "hacked" access to systems and taking advantage of this access (providing damage to other people to provide benefits to themselves). But "hacking" forces can help to provide benefits such as creating more jobs in the security sector and creating a need to develop really advanced technology to protect people from "hackers", they can also be used to battle big giant corporations or dig dirt up on governments?? (highly not recommended)

Defining on and off in tech.

I am not too good at law but to my understanding if your car keys are still in the ignition, your considered as still driving and you as a person in the driver's seat must have a seat belt on or you will get fined. You must remove the key to be considered as being parked and no longer driving in order to sit in your car with no seat belt on.
If this is how we define a car as being in or not in operation, why do we get fined for being in a no parking zone if the car is stopped but the keys are still in? its still considered as driving right?

Audacity missing "What you hear" recording option

"What you hear" option is missing from audacity
Can't record with "What you hear" in audacity
How do i enable "What you hear" recording in audacity

I love Audacity, its excellent for converting to .mp3 and cropping audio to use for mp3 ring tones for my phone. It also provides a quick and simple solution to all my simple audio editing needs.
A really good feature of Audacity is the ability to record what you hear so you can play multiple songs and make remixes and what not as well record sound clips from movies and music streaming that is currently playing in your computer's speakers (which is what they don't want you to do) but its possible and nice to use for legal purposes.
Hmm, haven't gotten around to reviewing this great software, can't believe.

Anyways I have lost the option to record what you hear before but got it back on both my computers (Win 98se and XP) but I couldn't remember how I did it and can't get it back for my Vista laptop. Then after reading this site, It hit me and i realised that it could have something to do with Vista. Its a long process so I'll link to professionally written instructions.

I haven't proved it to work yet as I haven't found my drivers yet.

Follow Up/Fix: http://gecsoft.blogspot.com/2008/07/audacity-missing-what-you-hear_11.html