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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good uses of VOIP

Some people are leaving their home phones and switching to VOIP as a full time phone.
I am not sure about your country but in mine there are some problems with telemarketers, too many calls really.

I was thinking if you use VOIP would you be off their list as VOIP numbers aren't in the phone books? of course if you enter competitions and give out your phone number in forms and membership clubs etc. you could get some calls even though they're not meant to sell your info to marketing companies. But I was also thinking does it open you to telemarketers even more? if you think about it, it costs 55cents to make a landline phone call and like 10cents or even free to call you via VOIP, it makes so much more sense to telemarketing you cause if i don't make a sale, fine, I've only wasted time and wages, no phone calls.

Some advantages that still exist in landline phones:

  • emergency calls and relation between phone number and residence location
  • ability to make a call even when the Internet is down or your computer has a virus, your modem died, or there is a black out as most home phones use a built-in power source
  • ability to make prank callers pay more for their fun and hopefully discourage long term prank calls.

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