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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woolworths Self-Serve Counters

You've heard about the use of RFIDs (microchips that are wirelessly detected and have individual reference ids unlike barcodes) to automatically checkout a cart of items in 5 seconds all in one go!

In Australia we might be behind in technology due to us having to import in lots of technology and not inventing enough (I think) You might be thinking self-serve checkouts? ... oh i remember them, the good old days before these robotic checkout androids (in your country).

Anyways, I was scared!! scared!! an indescribable feeling when i went to Woolworths and suddenly there are self-serve checkout counters. I wasn't surprised by iPods or such but wow (btw, I am only like 19)

My Summery about it is:

* I didn't feel it was simple enough (too many buttons possible for non-tech savvy customers, the steps to take next aren't clear enough, I felt there was too many other options (which are needed but yeah I like to complain)

* You need to place items in the bagging area for sensors to detect before you can get next item scanned. I was buying a cube of Coke, for me this was doing weights, picking it up, scanning it, placing it in the bagging area (but not placing it in a bag) and then picking it up and re-scanning it (I was buying more than one cube)

* I would like a detachable scanner but most products have barcodes in the right places (even the box of Coke had a barcode on the bottom so no need to tilt the box.

* The notes change and coins come from very separate areas and I fear that many people may forget to get their change, but I haven't experienced the machines enough to know how it works in reminding people to get their change. I guess i should trust IT ppl in the design more

* A good thing is the supporting check out staff was very supportive and will tutor you in how to use it, which made me feel that it wasn't fast and easy enough, maybe my IT student ego had a play in that...

Lets discuss if you want. Here are some more solid facts: (I could be wrong . . . . sometimes . . lots)

I liked the change system (I wonder if its fool proof, how can I prove that I did put in $100 note and it ripped me off $80, but then again who uses a $100 note for $20 of items)

I feel like a thief, without interacting with a human and just grabbing the items and walking out after pressing some buttons, something the next generations should feel (I am feeling old now)

News Article about it
(Apparently I am months behind, I should go to shops more, lol)

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