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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google Earth and Lively not working

Comodo Firewall doesn't start up automatically with Windows Vista.
A problem I am having with Vista has caused this problem. For some reason Comodo firewall won't start up automatically with Vista, well I am sure its not in the processes in the task manager but am not sure if it is running behind the scenes as it is blocking the proper installation and running of Google's software (which needs Internet connection).

To overcome this problem before I had to launch the Comodo firewall (cfp.exe) and then the allow or block windows come up for the Google software and clicking allow gets it all working again. But if I ever forget that its not running and forget about this fix I spend lots of time trying all sorts of useless solutions.

Another fix is to add the cfp.exe as a shortcut in the Start > All Programs > StartUp folder
This will make it run automatically at start up but a problem is that the Comodo control panel window opens up each time, which is really annoying.

The fix i found today (hopefully the winner) is setting the auto-startup settings manually, its usually set up automatically in XP but for Vista apparently do this:
Open cfp.exe > Miscellaneous (in top menu buttons) > Settings > General > Check (Automatically start the application with windows (Recommended), Show the balloon messages, show traffic animation in the tray)
This will make it start up automatically and also make it more apparent that it is running.

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