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Monday, July 14, 2008

Firefox not opening jpgs

Firefox tries to save jpgs/pictures instead of opening/viewing them in a tab/firefox.
Firefox tries to save images
Firefox won't display images and asks me to save it instead.

I was having some problems, selective actually, not all jpgs do this but some from some websites won't open in a new tab, window or existing tab instead it shows me the Open with/Save As dialogue. Its been very annoying as I will save images I want (to see only) manually and hate it when my documents folder gets filled up with useless pictures.

I figured out the simple solution, its actually quite obvious, I've just been too lazy to read the dialogue till it annoyed me enough.

Anyway, Go to the open with bit, it should by default have something like windows fax viewer or something like that. Click browse to select a new program to open the pictures with. Find Firefox, check the "Always perform this action from now on" or similar message and click OK. Future pictures should open in Firefox now, that way you can always clear temp internet data and delete all the pictures you've viewed instead of having to select them manually from your my documents folder to delete.

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