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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Email Cash

This is my favourite program so far. There are many things that make EMC different from other programs out there on the Internet; Guaranteed points each day
This is by far the biggest earning program i have participated in.

Guaranteed daily ways:

  • Daily survey (one question survey, sometimes none but you still get the points)
  • Web clicks (click on a web banner ad)
  • Thats 5cents a day for ~3 minutes of time
Chance ways of getting points:
  • Guessing game (lottery style game, 200 points as prize ~$2)
  • eBank (place your points to deposit to earn interest)
  • Games (vs. other members in games and win their points, or lose yours)
Main way to earn big:
  • Buy things from EMC's partners to earn points per dollar you spent
  • Reading e-mails sent to you (very good frequency, not annoying at all and works out to be about 5cents per e-mail)
  • Doing surveys (mostly all good ones, no stupid or too personal surveys. Mostly things are like have you seen theses ads and do you like to watch this ad, did you find it funny? etc.)

My personal results:
Tested by me: YES
Min for payout: None ($32 for cash payout)
Total earnings: $30 cheque, $30 cheque, ~$20 chess game i won in auction (as at posting date)
Payment type: gift cards, cheques, prizes, auctions, charity
Joined: 3 years
Annoyance: Not at all, wished i had more surveys etc.

Family member results:
Total earnings: $30 cheque x 3
Joined: 2 years

These results were gained without buying a single thing from partners of EMC and NOT doing the daily points each day, just participating in surveys and web clicks. Results can vary depending on your interest profile. Results can be astronomically increased buy buying from EMC partners.

More Info

Join here (please use this one)

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