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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is a roblem i had with a program/service i am going to talk about soon. The good people at this site had solved the problem, make a note of this post before signing up for the program/serivce later.

The main problem is that people download incorrect GOMEZ PEER software.

When you will go for downloading GOMEZ PEER software you will find.

1> Download US PEERInstall.exe (19.1 MB)

2> Download International PEERInstall.exe (22.1 MB)

The user thinks that the option 1 is only for US members and option 2 is only for international members. Now this is the thinking which causes the error FAILED TO CONTACT GOMEZ PEER(2).

Actually the option 1 is for those who have the US-English Language as their operating system language. So, if you are from India, US etc. and if yours computer uses US-English Language for operating system then you have to download the US PEERInstall.exe of 19.1 MB.

And if yours computer uses any other language except US-English then you have to download the International PEERInstall.exe of 22.1 MB.

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