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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fishing story

You know about the electronic mail fishing techniques and have heard about people falling for the bait.

"You bank needs you to update and verify your bank account details and password, please go to the website and update this information now (so we can spend your money asap as there is a car on ebay i really want)"

^ That kind of stuff.

But recently I received a scam in the physical mail (yes I do too have a mailbox for physical mail, lol)

"ms ____ please sit tight for the next few day take a few minutes to get used to the idea of what it will feel like if your are the confirmed winner of our $30,000 lucky number give away. in the next few days important documents will arrive at ______ in a blue and white envelope marked "EXPRESS DAY TIMED DELIVERY". it contains everything you need to guarantee your chance to take delivery of the prize cheque. (Please see over for details on how to recognise your package when it arrives) then be prepared to respond at once. the regulations governing this prize draw require timely response. And of course, were always pleased to award a big cash prize to a new winner. There for we hope your prepared to reply as soon as your package arrives.

Best regards "

^ Thanks for that Reader's digest
So its not only on the Internet, keep an eye out for p-mail scams, they're still out there!

I want to know how they got my info, under the Freedom of Information Act, I should be able to find out what data organisation have about me. I thin avoiding giving your information out when signing up on the Internet is a good start or use throw away e-mails (I'll talk on that laters).

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