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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exceptions for clear cookies action firefox add-on

Ok, I have no idea how do this but I know someone who does!



1. Go to Tools->Options->Privacy tab.
2. Make sure 'Accept cookies from sites' is checked and in the dropdown menu underneath that starts with 'Keep until' , make sure 'I close Firefox is selected.
3. Now click 'Exceptions' and in the Exception - Cookies window, type in the name of the site you want to keep the cookies for and then click the 'Allow' button. It should be added to the exceptions list below.
4. Repeat for all the different cookies you want to keep and click Close. You should now be back in the Privacy tab.
5. Keep in mind that some sites may have multiple cookies with slightly different addresses from a particular site. So check out your current cookies for that site by clicking the 'Cookies' button to make sure you have all needed cookies for a particular site added.
6. These next steps are very important and if you don't do these correctly, there may be a conflict that prevents the cookie saving from working properly. In the Private data section of the Privacy tab, make sure that 'Always clear my private data when I close firefox' is unchecked.
7. Click on the 'Settings' button and in the 'Clear Private data' window, make sure that 'Cookies' is unchecked and then click OK.
8. Make sure 'Ask me before clearing private data' is checked and click OK to close the Options window.

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