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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thought about eduction and piracy

Do you think that general consumers and the public (even the older generation of grandparents) are becoming more tech. savvy and educated as a result of piracy??
What that sounds stupid yes? the only thing you can learn from piracy is that "you wouldn't steal a car, although some slacko do so why would you steal a movie, piracy is theft" Some parents and grandparents are getting mp3 players from the younger generation are are learning to how use it and how to buy mp3s off the Internet.

As for the younger generations I think they've learnt technology for piracy benefits, if they learn and teach themselves, they get the reward of ripped off movies, music etc. I am not saying its good but I am saying that could it be a drive behind the new tech. savvy generation? If you tell them there is an exam after learning all this, I think less people would be so interested and have this never giving up attitude towards learning about technology.

  • How to use Google
  • How to use peer to peer sharing networks and software
  • How to use and download torrent content
  • Learn about ISOs and burning discs
  • Learn about CODECs and compression such as MP3s
  • How to search digitally in general
  • How to use the Internet and Internet browsers
  • Using compression software such as winzip
  • Setting up networks and firewalls
  • Learning about IPs and ISPs
  • Understanding digital protection and copyrights
If they used a proper site such as iTunes, its made simple and easy to use for consumer benefits and business reasons so there is no need to learn these other technology methods. Still as an IT student piracy is bad, I've done programming and I am telling you its not easy to program a simple script let alone a whole game so pay for it and reward those who somehow managed to survive programming class.


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