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Monday, January 28, 2008

BartPE - Windows on USB

For recovery, troubleshooting or what ever reason sometimes it is helpful if not critical to have Windows work.

I tried to use BartPE to make a copy of Windows suitable for a USB drive but had some problems with the service pack version.

"i386\ntdll.dll is 5.1.2600.0 should be 5.1.2600.1106 or higher"

That is the message i got and i could fix the version with the BartPE in-built slipstream option. I had to use Auto streamer.

  1. Insert Windows CD
  2. Insert Windows SP pack CD
  3. Run AutoStreamer
  4. Windows CD should locate automatically else identify CD drive letter for software
  5. For SP pack locate contents/fixes and choose one of the files (difficult part, can't just locate drive letter, for me at least)
  6. Create ISO of both CDs combined (using AutoStreamer)
  7. Mount ISO file with a virtual drive software OR burn to disc and insert the new disc
  8. Open BartPE and use the new CD or virtual Cd drive and the rest should be easy and automated.
Just thought I'd publish a mention of my scenario as BartPE wasn't completely user friendly and easy to use. Hope I've solved some troubles and save some time for you, that is why i do post these tips, hopefully good karma will mean little trouble shooting for me.

This is a good FAQ with common problem messages

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Easy to use online web hit counter service.
Does the job, has many functions and options than you will ever need and is free for the time being.
It even allows you to choose whether or not you want to display a counter and or their logo.

Another plus is that they have serviced a lot of [G]EC sites in the past.


How much extra RAM should you plan?

Usually when you upgrade or plan for RAM in a computer you always pack more than you usually need, so to cater for future use or to boost the occasional surge of RAM usage.

If your not using your computer for heavy work such as 3D or video processing, just average work, play and school I would recommend using Nero and burning a full DVD and then open up process explorer (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and have a look at how much RAM is being used if it is under how much physical RAM you have you should upgrade and also note how much RAM is being used cause you should have at least that much RAM for good performance.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Unlock PSD files

Cannot delete ????.psd: It is being used by another person or program.
I can't move my psd files. They are always busy or being used by some program.
My psd files are always busy.

Sound familiar? When i have thumbnails for psd enabled my psd files get locked up and i can't move them and sometimes its so bad the changes i make to my images can't be saved unless i save as and make a new file and delete the old one.

My solution is to download this wounderful program called Unlocker, it not only unlocks your files for you but tells you what programs are actually locking up access to your files and works great with this psd scenario, at least for me.

The program is call unlocker and is from Cedrick Collomb @ ccollomb.free.fr
The program is small, fast, free and has the benefits of paracetamol.

BTW in my case it was windows explorer locking my files, something to do with generating the preview thumbnails from the psd files i would imagine.

RAM Upgrade

I upgrade my machine from 512MB to add an extra 1GB but Windows only uses and detects 1.25GB which means one of my 256MB sticks aren't being used.

A friend suggests that maybe it has something to do with single and doudle sided RAm and the support for each with Motherboards. Maybe the Mobo only utilises a certain combination of each.

I'll try to fix it (if possible) and update on it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pet Rubber Ducky monitors PC

Ever wanted or had a virtual per on your desktop but got bored of it as it didn't provide you with enough practical use?

Rubber Ducky from MimarSinan is a virtual fish tank which has been beautifully visualised with simple yet attractive graphics. The fish tank isn't interactive like most virtual pets but instead it has a life of its own and reacts to show your computer status.

There is the:

Water - Shows Swap File usage
Duck - RAM
Fish - Network activity
Air Bubbles - CPU activity
Sea Plants - Hard drive activity

It is a brilliant idea as you can watch the fish tank get busy as your computer gets busy. A virtual fish tank with practical use without being obtrusive or work-related, unless you want it to be.



PeerGuardian is an application used for people who are using P2P services and want to block IP addresses belonging to corporate or government bodies, usually to hide their online activities for whatever reason.

This app is also good for blocking some 'bad' addresses such as those from advertisers, spyware and spammers trying to contact your computer.

If you do use this to block advertisers you should keep in mind that your favourite website could be replying on the ads to remain free and when activated advertising spots such as banners will show up as "page could not be found" which may be more annoying than the ad itself.

If you use this, you have to update often to keep the database of IP addresses up-to-date and also know when to disable or permanently allow some IP addresses for example Mysapace uses servers with IP addresses that are on the block list so you either have to allow always for the IP number to contact you or disable the protection, this will also be the same when trying to view government sites such as public transport sites so keep in mind of that when using this little app.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Free Image Hosting

Photobucket and other image hosting sites? Maybe a free web hosting service? Do you trying to search the web for a free solution to share photos with family or host pictures for use on the web but hate time limits and other restrictions?

You can upload albums from your computer to Picasa, a image service from Google, their service provides image editing and the lot from the time your images are on your computer to the time your showing the pictures on the web on someone's computer. It is designed to be an all in one picture management total solution for the average user who doesn't want to bother with FTP, Photoshop, file indexing and folder structures etc. etc. and just wants to focus on good photography.

For the Pro user it can allow you to exploit the service a lot and take advantage of all the free services, mainly the image hosting. I am planning to use the service to upload pictures to if i have a low limit web hosting service with little web space and bandwidth and even upload my gallery of Photoshop work. The reason being, it doesn't operate like web hosting where your given free bandwidth, instead your limited to size of storage (I think, I am posting at an evaluation stage really) but it really beats using Photoshop gallery website creator or making tables in a webpage to display my gallery, instead when i have a new photo created I can add to my collection with a few mouse clicks and via software on my computer so i don't need to FTP or go to a uploading site and click browse etc. etc. I even get a comment system like Myspace only it is more of a picture album than MySpace, I don't upload to there as it seems non-Pro

I think you will see more services like this in the future as people upload cameraphone photos and digital photos more than in the future especially the teens and this makes a good market for teen advertising.

MagicISO edit:MagicDisk

This is a great software for using virtual CD/DVD drives to play ISO images or create them. As MagicISO allows you to create ISO files as well as play ISO images it is perfect for heavy gamers who want to play games that require their disc to be in the drive but have an expensive or high tech disc drive they don't want to wear out or simply don't like to use discs.

It is easy to use and unintrusive with your normal computer use. So far one of the best software compared to Pargon etc. mainly because it is unintrusive and doesn't get in your way.

One thing to be weary of though is that on the description page it says it is freeware but on the same website it also has a buy now link. I may have missed something like commercial or pro version, i don't know but it is confusing and should be noted.


EDIT: MagicISO and MagicDisk are two different software. MagicDisk was the software i was actually referring to and is the freeware. I thought MagicDisk was aka for MagicISO as it had (MagicDisk) next to the name but it seems MagicISO is the company name as well as one of their software titles hence the mix up.