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Saturday, January 5, 2008

MagicISO edit:MagicDisk

This is a great software for using virtual CD/DVD drives to play ISO images or create them. As MagicISO allows you to create ISO files as well as play ISO images it is perfect for heavy gamers who want to play games that require their disc to be in the drive but have an expensive or high tech disc drive they don't want to wear out or simply don't like to use discs.

It is easy to use and unintrusive with your normal computer use. So far one of the best software compared to Pargon etc. mainly because it is unintrusive and doesn't get in your way.

One thing to be weary of though is that on the description page it says it is freeware but on the same website it also has a buy now link. I may have missed something like commercial or pro version, i don't know but it is confusing and should be noted.


EDIT: MagicISO and MagicDisk are two different software. MagicDisk was the software i was actually referring to and is the freeware. I thought MagicDisk was aka for MagicISO as it had (MagicDisk) next to the name but it seems MagicISO is the company name as well as one of their software titles hence the mix up.

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