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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Free Image Hosting

Photobucket and other image hosting sites? Maybe a free web hosting service? Do you trying to search the web for a free solution to share photos with family or host pictures for use on the web but hate time limits and other restrictions?

You can upload albums from your computer to Picasa, a image service from Google, their service provides image editing and the lot from the time your images are on your computer to the time your showing the pictures on the web on someone's computer. It is designed to be an all in one picture management total solution for the average user who doesn't want to bother with FTP, Photoshop, file indexing and folder structures etc. etc. and just wants to focus on good photography.

For the Pro user it can allow you to exploit the service a lot and take advantage of all the free services, mainly the image hosting. I am planning to use the service to upload pictures to if i have a low limit web hosting service with little web space and bandwidth and even upload my gallery of Photoshop work. The reason being, it doesn't operate like web hosting where your given free bandwidth, instead your limited to size of storage (I think, I am posting at an evaluation stage really) but it really beats using Photoshop gallery website creator or making tables in a webpage to display my gallery, instead when i have a new photo created I can add to my collection with a few mouse clicks and via software on my computer so i don't need to FTP or go to a uploading site and click browse etc. etc. I even get a comment system like Myspace only it is more of a picture album than MySpace, I don't upload to there as it seems non-Pro

I think you will see more services like this in the future as people upload cameraphone photos and digital photos more than in the future especially the teens and this makes a good market for teen advertising.

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