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Monday, January 21, 2008

Unlock PSD files

Cannot delete ????.psd: It is being used by another person or program.
I can't move my psd files. They are always busy or being used by some program.
My psd files are always busy.

Sound familiar? When i have thumbnails for psd enabled my psd files get locked up and i can't move them and sometimes its so bad the changes i make to my images can't be saved unless i save as and make a new file and delete the old one.

My solution is to download this wounderful program called Unlocker, it not only unlocks your files for you but tells you what programs are actually locking up access to your files and works great with this psd scenario, at least for me.

The program is call unlocker and is from Cedrick Collomb @ ccollomb.free.fr
The program is small, fast, free and has the benefits of paracetamol.

BTW in my case it was windows explorer locking my files, something to do with generating the preview thumbnails from the psd files i would imagine.


  1. Thanks. I was having problems deleting .psd files under Vista. The unlocker program worked great. As suspected, it was Explorer.exe that was locking the files. (What a dumb program Explorer is, to lock the same file it is trying to delete).

  2. I'd been having the exact same problem under Windows XP... Unlocker is a miracle program and fixes the issue.

  3. I tried to download it buy my antivirus NOD32 just keep saying that it has a threat and ask to delete it.

  4. Sorry, to be honest I find my spots are relevant and creditable at time of posting. I always advise all readers to evaluate themselves! it is not uncommon for a cool program to become spyware or commercialised and no longer free to download.

    SO use the advice at your own risk please and do research of posting time.