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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Indenting Paragraph In A Table

If you press TAB in a table it skips to the next cell or column/row. To create an indent in a table press CTRL + TAB

^MS Office Word.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Auto Login Safe?

You don't need to login to Windows to have access to your files stored on your HDD, so a Windows password doesn't protect thieves from opening your files by attaching the hard drive to another computer.

If you have BIOS or fingerprint access restriction upon boot up then your protected from unauthorised use of your computer anyways.

Auto login does not remove the password for when you lock the computer (Windows + L) or when the screen saver is closed and so it still does prevent people from using your computer.

Editing Vista and Windows 7 Boot Menu (no longer boot.ini)


No liabilities of what you do with that link. :)

Auto Login Windows 7

Mr. Carter does a good job at explain this:


In A nut shell:

  • Windows + R
  • "control userpasswords2"enter
  • Uncheck: “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”
  • OK

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gec Living: Windows 7 Rants And Raves: Older software

I installed older software that worked on Vista and because it was a virtual DVD drive, it had drivers, obviously not compatible with Windows 7 but compatible with Vista, even though Vista = Windows 7 in some ways. They advertised it was the driver and core system that was unchanged but yet it doesn't work >.<

  • I have seen RAM increased performance
  • I have seen cooling performance (might be weather dependent as I have never checked Vista on the same weather, day and conditions)
  • Yet to see any real battery improvements
So if you can bother to tweak and is obsessed with the performance gains then Windows 7 could be for you1

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to set a default folder view

How do you:

  • Always use detail view
  • Always use list view
  • Always use tile view
  • Always use content view
  • Always use ____ icon view
Doesn't matter what view you want.

Just open up a folder and set the view to what you want to set for ALL folders.

Folder and search options > View > Apply to Folders > (Answer Yes)

Summarized and formulated from:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to restore a deleted bookmark? (accidental deletion)

Well, if your using Firefox then its as simple as:

Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Restore > (Select a date that the bookmark wasn't deleted yet.

This obviously only works well if:

  1. You had deleted the bookmark recently
  2. Have not added a lot of new bookmarks since the deletion of the bookmark.

Manually Install a Driver (Vista and 7)

Start > Control Panel > Device Manager

Right-Click the device > Properties > Update Drivers > Browse My computer for drivers software

Follow the Prompts :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MS Word 2007 Shortcuts

Press Alt and labels come up to shortcuts to others.

Am I 32 or 64

Start > Control Panel > System

Under "System" heading it should say:

"XX-bit Operating System" where XX = 32 or 64
Chances are if you don't know what 64 is, your running on 32. :D

Windows 7 Video Wallpaper :P Yummy!

I was wondering how to do it because I can do sideshows but no mention of videos. Sideshows = Yummy too ;)

But here is a link that is way more prepared than I am at explain.

But once again for my lazier delightful readers here it is in a Nut Shell:

In good conditions (Aero is turned on and no weird settings has been set):

Converter suggestion by excellent site: Any Video Converter

More information and detail for less lazier users:

Enjoy! and Very Very Special Thanks to windows7center.com


Windows 7 Rants And Raves: Printer

OK, so now I did as I suggested in the previous post DON'T USE MANUFACTURER SOFTWARE IF MICROSOFT WINDOW'S SOFTWARE/DRIVER WORKS FINE >.< So I uninstalled fingerprint scanner software, manually installed the fingerprint driver and I sort of have it work, not as good as in Vista though, yet.....

Anyways, tried to install a printer, really old one (Refer to HP Driver post) on how an alternative driver for a newer printer worked for it, turns out in Windows 7 they removed that newer driver for the older printer so now even that newer version of my printer is too old.

FOLLOW UP: Windows 7 originally comes with a limited number of drivers. Hit update drivers in the screen of the list of drivers to download more drivers. Problem solved!

Windows 7 Rants and Raves: Installing Drivers Guide

Use all stock MS drivers unless it creates a problem.

Like it will usually show as no driver installed anyways, if there is a problem.

To save hassle just let MS load everything it can and don't over-install a driver with a manufacturer one with the exception of say my example where the sound works but my HD driver from RealTek gave a benefit of increase in performance and quality.

Windows 7 Rants and Raves: Wireless shows limited connectivity

Uninstall driver for the wireless adapter and let Windows find a MS driver for it. :(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Windows 7 Rants and Raves: IN a nut shell

  • Good new features
  • Nice interface
  • Changing wallpapers :P (In Vista also)
  • Missing some drivers but which OS doesn't! Get them from the manufacturer
  • Not that much faster/cooler than I expected but no worse than Vista
  • UAC is a pain in the but, turn it off! if your not scared of the scary warnings from Windows about turning it off

* Updated due to impulse and first impressions errors made in previous post.

Windows 7 Rants and Raves: Fingerprint Scanner not detected

So far in Windows 7, everything has been set up, with the exception of:

  • Bluetooth driver
  • Multi and SD card reader
  • HD Sound driver
  • Fingerprint

Next on my attack list :) : Fingerprint

EDIT: Manually install the drivers for Windows 7 32 or 64 bit. Driver is the "tcwbfadv.inf" file.
doesn't really matter, just point windows to the right folder and it should find the driver.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaned my laptop to reduce heat. (Heatsink and CPU fan)

I opened up the laptop from http://www.irisvista.com/ (for Toshiba laptops)

And i opened it all up, cleaned out the heat sink and fans and the CPU reads about 5-10 degrees cooler but what is more noticeable is that the heat is leaking out of the laptop side, instead of being vented under the keyboard, hard drive and laptop base (which elad to my having burnt legs, lap, hands and palms >.<)

Problems were:

  • I had an extra 4 screws, dam it! so I forgot to put them back somewhere
  • I am 1 screw short for the body of the laptop (main, biggest screw)
  • The cables weren't put back as neatly
However, if you are confident about doing this, it is really worth doing (if your laptop has heat problems) I saw a big benefit in it.

A problem though is if you want to open the laptop to clean the Heat sink you might need to remove the CPU off the heat system part, which means you'll disconnect the thermal paste/grease, I put it back together with no problems but most people would like to re-apply new ones after doing that. That was my number 2 regret,, not having any paste there to re-apply, number 1 is obviously losing the dam screws >.<

So, if you want to be hectic, maybe you can even upgrade to Arctic silver thermal paste and increase heat conduction to reduce heat on CPU. Youtube, vidoes and tutorials for appling Arctic Silver to laptop.

Arctic Silver is a paste made form 99.9% Silver and when heated its ment to increase the bond and create a solid connection of silver to pass over the ehat from
CPU to heat sink and then fron heat sink into air (via fan)

Hope this help! :P

Windows 7 Rants and Raves: RealTek Driver for Windows 7

"My speakers and sound on Windows 7 sounds crap!"

I knew it! I am not a high tech sound freak but I can tell between a standard crappy tiny laptop speakers and a HD Harman/Kardon :P

OK for you guys and girls with A200 Satellites and want to get your HD back, OR if you have RealTek HD gear in your machine try this link and get the latest Windows 7 supported drivers:


I've noticed that compared to stock Windows 7 sound drivers, that the sound quality is of higher clarity and also that the volume at level 20 is louder with HD drivers compared to stock Windows 7 sound drivers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is 4G all about?

Good Question! besides the added speed what is it compared to 3G?

P.S. This is not a rhetorical question post, lol

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Auto Harvard Referencer Beta V1.0

Are you sick and tired of formatting and writing up Harvard References?

I am! and I wished I had a way to automate it or use some sort of wizard so I don't need to remember the format on how to write it up. So here it is, an automated way to make Harvard References*

* Not really automatic, use of word of automatic is purely for marketing reasons, human interaction and effort is required but on a lower level than manually writing the references.

List of Windows + ? Shortcuts


^ Nice list of shortcuts, the most common and useful to me are:

  • Windows + Tab (3D Flip through of open windows much like the Alt+Tab)
  • Windows + D (Show desktop, minimise all windows)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What RAM do I need to use to upgrade my ____ computer/laptop

Check out the tool from Crucial . It will check for your individual computer, so what that means is run their application on the computer your planning to upgrade!

I've used it before, its correct and to my knowledge safe.

Web Cam hacks, dangerous?

Well most of us should know that web cams in laptops etc. can be hacked, if not, you must be petrified right now.

A good thing to prevent people from spying on you or taking candid photos of you, is that web cams usually have a bright red or blue light that turns on when the web cam is in operation.

The danger is if the manufacturer had designed the light on a different circuit, i.e. power is not needed to go through the LED before the camera gets power, this is because it makes it possible to turn off the light, whilst the web cam is in operation.

I assume that most manufactures would be smart enough to design it to prevent spying but I wouldn't know for sure, sorry.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saving batteries by turning off pagefile

That is the theory folks, turning off pagefile will reduce the hard drive usage and hence save battery as the HDDS spin up and down take a fair bit of energy.

Well I got 1 error from vista so far about running out of RAM, better than other versions of Windows, at least it didn't just chuck me a blue screen.

Well now, you'd ask what if you just installed more RAM? well more RAM = more energy use but I'd say less than a moving HDD as proven by the netbooks usage of SSD or Solid State Devices or Flash memory if you wish. Top end ulta portable laptops are also bying sold with SSDs.
The second problem is that according to my manual installing and maxing out my laptop to 4GBs of RAM may reduce performance, how? I'd like to know too.

So now i am currently using a usb flash drive set up as ReadyBoost. I have noticed that the HDD lights flash less often compared to before, it use to flash no matter if i was using the laptop or if the screen was off and no apps were running.
Still though, it seems to flash more than my class mate's Acer mini and Asus laptop.

Did I see a total of 30mins+ of battery increase? no, not really..... Maybe I should try to remove a HDD, weight reduction and power increase.. to be continued maybe, else i might jsut get a new battery, 9 cell :o

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WLM (Windows Live Messenger) is not delivering all messages

WLM is not delivering all my messages and/but does not show me an error so I will end up waiting for a reply from a contact that did not get my message and so in result I sit there for ages waiting for a reply.

Any suggestions? If I find one I'll post it here, if you find one, please post it here twice, lol.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Please try installing Windows Live programs again." (wlsetup-custom.exe)

Trying to install the latest WLM from wlsetup-custom.exe but getting this error message.

Solution: yet to be found.

Windows Live Messenger can not get contacts list.

From September 15th 2009, WLM will require all users to use the most latest version of WLM before they can retrieve their contacts list from the WLM server and without that list you can't actually use WLM or chat to your friends.

What does this mean for you?

Besides getting the latest version of WLM to fix this problem. Does it cause any dramas for you? e.g. your using Windows 98se and can not upgrade (which I doubt very much)?

High Tech. designs in cars can prevent drink driving. Toyota. Nissan.


Toshiba collects its old laptops from consumers for the environment, for free, cheers!

Australia, NSW, Sydney councils ban the disposal of e-waste into tips in a attempt to pressure the government to roll out a Long Overdue federal e-waste collection/recycling program.