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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saving batteries by turning off pagefile

That is the theory folks, turning off pagefile will reduce the hard drive usage and hence save battery as the HDDS spin up and down take a fair bit of energy.

Well I got 1 error from vista so far about running out of RAM, better than other versions of Windows, at least it didn't just chuck me a blue screen.

Well now, you'd ask what if you just installed more RAM? well more RAM = more energy use but I'd say less than a moving HDD as proven by the netbooks usage of SSD or Solid State Devices or Flash memory if you wish. Top end ulta portable laptops are also bying sold with SSDs.
The second problem is that according to my manual installing and maxing out my laptop to 4GBs of RAM may reduce performance, how? I'd like to know too.

So now i am currently using a usb flash drive set up as ReadyBoost. I have noticed that the HDD lights flash less often compared to before, it use to flash no matter if i was using the laptop or if the screen was off and no apps were running.
Still though, it seems to flash more than my class mate's Acer mini and Asus laptop.

Did I see a total of 30mins+ of battery increase? no, not really..... Maybe I should try to remove a HDD, weight reduction and power increase.. to be continued maybe, else i might jsut get a new battery, 9 cell :o

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