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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Windows 7 Rants And Raves: Printer

OK, so now I did as I suggested in the previous post DON'T USE MANUFACTURER SOFTWARE IF MICROSOFT WINDOW'S SOFTWARE/DRIVER WORKS FINE >.< So I uninstalled fingerprint scanner software, manually installed the fingerprint driver and I sort of have it work, not as good as in Vista though, yet.....

Anyways, tried to install a printer, really old one (Refer to HP Driver post) on how an alternative driver for a newer printer worked for it, turns out in Windows 7 they removed that newer driver for the older printer so now even that newer version of my printer is too old.

FOLLOW UP: Windows 7 originally comes with a limited number of drivers. Hit update drivers in the screen of the list of drivers to download more drivers. Problem solved!

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