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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaned my laptop to reduce heat. (Heatsink and CPU fan)

I opened up the laptop from http://www.irisvista.com/ (for Toshiba laptops)

And i opened it all up, cleaned out the heat sink and fans and the CPU reads about 5-10 degrees cooler but what is more noticeable is that the heat is leaking out of the laptop side, instead of being vented under the keyboard, hard drive and laptop base (which elad to my having burnt legs, lap, hands and palms >.<)

Problems were:

  • I had an extra 4 screws, dam it! so I forgot to put them back somewhere
  • I am 1 screw short for the body of the laptop (main, biggest screw)
  • The cables weren't put back as neatly
However, if you are confident about doing this, it is really worth doing (if your laptop has heat problems) I saw a big benefit in it.

A problem though is if you want to open the laptop to clean the Heat sink you might need to remove the CPU off the heat system part, which means you'll disconnect the thermal paste/grease, I put it back together with no problems but most people would like to re-apply new ones after doing that. That was my number 2 regret,, not having any paste there to re-apply, number 1 is obviously losing the dam screws >.<

So, if you want to be hectic, maybe you can even upgrade to Arctic silver thermal paste and increase heat conduction to reduce heat on CPU. Youtube, vidoes and tutorials for appling Arctic Silver to laptop.

Arctic Silver is a paste made form 99.9% Silver and when heated its ment to increase the bond and create a solid connection of silver to pass over the ehat from
CPU to heat sink and then fron heat sink into air (via fan)

Hope this help! :P

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