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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Desktop News

Still haven't been able to install my HP Deskjet 3325 printer on Vista although the net suggested that the Deskjet 3500 drivers will make it work, still yet to find out, let me know if it worked for you.

I had my old windows 95 scanner working on my old XP partition, that is before i delete it and did a fresh install, all the drivers were only windows 95 compatible so i had no idea how i did it before, anyways, so to fix it I searched for my Epson Perfection 610 drivers for windows xp online and found it, did a virus check and then install into XP and it works now! yay! Still doesn't work in Vista but for a windows 95 age hardware its done great.

I've also found out why my Vista partition has been so slow on my desktop but decent on my laptop, it turns out that the power options were default set on power saver, which makes no sense and that means the desktop will only use a max of 50% of my CPU. Now i flicked it back into Max Performance and it seems to be much better, now to install SP1 and see if it makes things more equal to XP's performance ;) Its suppose to be fair good, my desktop is only lacking graphics else it should be suffice for Vista so lets hope the SP1 will make things fly a bit more.

That's one thing about durable hardware from good manufacturers, you have to make sure they support you when you upgrade software and not their hardware. but Still cheers on HP and Epson's durability (with the exclusion of my Epson printer which seemed to have to no probs but the printer software that Epson gave assured me i should go out to shops and buy a new one, which i did only it was a HP)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How do I send to taskbar, programs that load on start up?

Start programs minimised:

Go to your StartUp folder from the Start Menu > Right-Click on shortcut icon > Properties > Edit the value for Run from "Normal" to "Minimised"


Obvious but sometimes forgetten procedure ;)

Send To: Backup folder

You've read my Send To post before, now think about placing a folder shortcut in the Send To menu, now you can send any file you need to back up to a backup folder!

For example you can set the backup folder in the other hard drive.

Back up uses for a 2.5" external hard drive

Google some answers, think of some using your logic, there are many benefits that are simple and obvious such as back ups that can be stored in a remote location, extend your disk space in your computer by storing less used data on the external dirve etc.

But a random thought today was what the hell would happen if my homework/project was trapped on a broken or disabled laptop? and you didn't have a back up on another disk or it was not updated? that's where the external hard drive comes in, most if not all laptops use the 2.5" hard drives and then can be unplugged from the laptop and connected into the external hard drive holder, if you brought a already made external hard drive you may not be able to disconnect your hard drive but if you brought the hard drive and the external case seperate then you are pretty much able to rescue your data from the laptop hard drive,

Now for the software part, some laptop hard drives are locked into the hard drive via serial codes and pins numbers? maybe not sure but IBM hard drives are rendered useless if you just unplugged them from a laptop and tried to steal data (which is good for anti-theft purposes but for that major project deadline? dam)

Anyone got any advice for this? would be very appreciated as I am doing all my work on a laptop, my current solution is to back up recent work on a thumb drive and back up the whole data drive onto an external hard drive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Problems using Upek Protector Suite QL

Getting this message?

The windows could not be registered because of following reasons:

Internet Explorer module: This is not an Internet Explorer window.
Firefox browser module: This is not a supported browser window.
Dialogue module: Window does not contain controls suitable for registration.

If your using Protector Suite QL and Firefox, then do this:

  • Scan your finger to make Protector Suite QL window pop up or open it from the program files folder.
  • Control Center > Applications > Password Bank > (bottom line of text "Firefox:") click hyperlink to "Install Extension"

If Internet Explorer opens up and you get a message to tell you to set Firefox as default then do this:

  • Open Firefox > Tools > Options > (At botton section named "System Defaults") Click [Check Now]
  • It will ask if you want to set as default, have a guess at what you should answer!
  • Repeat step above to install extension.

How to unzip a Zip file for people who think they know how to

You think you know how to unzip a file yes? Problems with unzipping files? Unzipped software/program not working/installing?

Well have you had any software/program/zip files with more than one file inside the zip file that didn't unzip properly?

You wouldn't have noticed as some of the files are unzipped but not all. Its a problem many have but because there is error message people don't seem to know why their zipped files don't work.

As there is no formal error messages, I am hoping that you can still find this post and solve your unzipped errors.

The common problem is people open the winzip and extract the files, sometimes not checking the "extract all" box. A better practice is to right-click the zip file and select the unzip to /folder

Where can i get an update for Protector Suite QL?



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stuck/stubborn lcd/monitor/crt cable screws

You know what I am talking about, stuck cables, the VGa or DVI type where there are screws, you screw them on tightly and then when you need to remove them, dam its stick and your fingers are just too weak to unscrew the dam thing.

The solution? its the same solution to many previous posts, use a screwdriver, did you actually know that there is a gap on the bottom of the plastic screw? you place a flat head screwdriver in there and turn, its very easy to turn but if you want you can unscrew a bit and then use your fingers to do the rest, so to show your man powers!!!

^ A photo to prove I am not randomly typing letters on the keyboard, lol.

Its on the bottom end, the part you can't see, dam what a stupid photo choice.