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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stuck/stubborn lcd/monitor/crt cable screws

You know what I am talking about, stuck cables, the VGa or DVI type where there are screws, you screw them on tightly and then when you need to remove them, dam its stick and your fingers are just too weak to unscrew the dam thing.

The solution? its the same solution to many previous posts, use a screwdriver, did you actually know that there is a gap on the bottom of the plastic screw? you place a flat head screwdriver in there and turn, its very easy to turn but if you want you can unscrew a bit and then use your fingers to do the rest, so to show your man powers!!!

^ A photo to prove I am not randomly typing letters on the keyboard, lol.

Its on the bottom end, the part you can't see, dam what a stupid photo choice.

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