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Friday, September 5, 2008

Problems using Upek Protector Suite QL

Getting this message?

The windows could not be registered because of following reasons:

Internet Explorer module: This is not an Internet Explorer window.
Firefox browser module: This is not a supported browser window.
Dialogue module: Window does not contain controls suitable for registration.

If your using Protector Suite QL and Firefox, then do this:

  • Scan your finger to make Protector Suite QL window pop up or open it from the program files folder.
  • Control Center > Applications > Password Bank > (bottom line of text "Firefox:") click hyperlink to "Install Extension"

If Internet Explorer opens up and you get a message to tell you to set Firefox as default then do this:

  • Open Firefox > Tools > Options > (At botton section named "System Defaults") Click [Check Now]
  • It will ask if you want to set as default, have a guess at what you should answer!
  • Repeat step above to install extension.

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