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Friday, September 5, 2008

How to unzip a Zip file for people who think they know how to

You think you know how to unzip a file yes? Problems with unzipping files? Unzipped software/program not working/installing?

Well have you had any software/program/zip files with more than one file inside the zip file that didn't unzip properly?

You wouldn't have noticed as some of the files are unzipped but not all. Its a problem many have but because there is error message people don't seem to know why their zipped files don't work.

As there is no formal error messages, I am hoping that you can still find this post and solve your unzipped errors.

The common problem is people open the winzip and extract the files, sometimes not checking the "extract all" box. A better practice is to right-click the zip file and select the unzip to /folder

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