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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Installing Applocale In Windows Vista


That is a good link to a solution but lacks some details like how to get to command prompt and how to move navigate command prompt to the location of the apploc.msi file directory.

Command prompt:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click command prompt > Run as Administrator

Navigating to apploc.msi
I still have no idea how to navigate to another hard disk so I simple copy and pasted the installer file into the System32 folder (default place that my command prompt was at) so all I have to do was type "\apploc.msi" and press enter

Turning off UAC
Go to control panel > User Accounts > Turn on or off UAC

It installed correctly but I still can't get a program to work using Applocale. Save Me

Fix: I was running Applocale from the start menu, you have to run it as administrator (unless you followed link above and disabled UAC first) for me it was installed in C:\Windows\AppPatch\

If you want to find out you can right click on the shortcut in the start menu and click properties and the address in the "Start In" form box is the place its located in, copy and paste that into Windows Explorer address bar and hit enter.

BTW what I am trying to do is open a rar file that has files saved in Chinese and it won't extract as my Vista can't recognise the file names. So I use Applocale in XP and am trying it in Vista.

Update: It wasn't as quick and easy as XP, Using IZAC to extract Chinese files only extracted the English files but double clicking the other files extracted it into the folder with only English files that were extracted in the first go.


  1. just use vista applocale

  2. Thank you so much for keeping my posts up to date. Appreciate it. =D