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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Laptop Opps

I was playing a game on my laptop yesterday and was hungry so i decided to get something to eat, in front of gaming (a rule I made to never be broken (by others, lol) but I did) and opps, the food crumbed and it was horrific.
Those who know me will know what I am like with my laptop and will wonder why polishing the LCD cover has to be a multiple task each day.
Anyways the crumbs were near and on the keyboard, if I were to slide it off it would surely smudge so in panic but still conscious I decided to vacuum it off and it worked. So keep in mind of using that to clean things dropped into the keyboard of laptops, shaking it may make it fall behind the keys, wiping it down will make it smudge or wet. Your probably not going to not ever eat near your computer so just know the solution as the prevention is only effective for a matter of time.

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  1. LOL wow, i think you have a mild case of ocd or something. you polish your lcd cover everyday? LOL well, i don't eat while i'm on the laptop, but i would've never thought to use a vacuum cleaner on it. i'll keep that in mind though. xD