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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Backspace and Delete

A common function that I've been using ever since I discovered it is the del key.
You usually use backspace (commonly known as the delete key but in fact its a backspace for obvious reasons after reading this post) to delete letters you've typed and you usually have to move the cursor in front of the letter(s) you want to delete then press backspace to delete backwards.

If you use the del key it deletes keys that are in front of the cursor and this can be very useful for when you want to fix mistakes in front of the cursor without having to press the arrow buttons or use the mouse to adjust the cursor position to backspace.

NOTE: Del and Delete is the same. On my laptop its written as Del, on desktop keyboards it can be either Delete or Del. And whilst I am at it, INS is the same as Insert.

Website with worksheet for keyboard learning

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