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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vista Search

I just realised something. When your searching for files using MS Windows Vista's search toolbar, you have to search for the whole file name. You can search for half of it. I was looking for a song called something Driver.mp3 but when searched it would show up. Then I remembered my computer course I did and used a wild card (? and *) so *driver brought up all the mp3 songs with driver in the file name and found it!

? - Used for when your not sure of a certain letter in the search word
e.g. ?ing can give ping, ding, bing, sing

* - Used for when your not sure of an unlimited number of letters in search word.
e.g. *top can give rooftop, stop, bigtop, coolestbiggestcircusbigtop

? and * can be used in many search programs and they can be used in anywhere in the search words. Like it can be Toma?o or Tri*

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