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Saturday, July 19, 2008

200th Post!!! (Cheap adhesives)

Picture stolen from (hope its ok)

Thanks all to those who have read all my 200 posts (which should be almost none of you)
Anyway Yay, and i hope to get to the 500 mark with more readers : )

The 200th post is about an easy cheap way to sticking computer/technology together. Do you have anything that was glued but due to cheap labour it has come off? SuperGlue is a solution and can be quite cheap, blu-tack won't hold and sticky tape makes you look like an irresponsible technology consumer.

My solution can be undone unlike SuperGlue, My solution; is pineapples, WHat?? All this excitemnet about the 200th post must have made this autor crazy. Well I am not sure about in other countries but in Australia, most pineapples come with a sticker tag label which is held by glue, usually flexible sticky glue, take a bit of it and use it as blu-tack to stick things together. When you, if, want to undo this adhiesive, just pull really hard and you should be able to remove whatever you stuck together with a bit of a glue smudge that is removable but that's it, completely undo-able, but for those moments that you want to stuck things flat and never remove, use SuperGlue! enjoy, and I hope that your pineapples don't use solid hot glue or what not.

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