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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gomez Peer

Basically, You download and run an application like a Boinc application except that this one uses your CPU only a couple of hours instead of continous long time processing (like Boinc projects) and it also uses the Internet a bit more often than most Boinc projects but low in bandwidth, high frequency but low data flow. It says it uses your computer to create reports for clients about the accessiblity and speed of their websites over different countires and connectiosn.

OS: >Windows 2000
Internet: Anything even dial up (actually dial up users get a $2 bonus for just joining)

Website for more information: http://peer.gomez.com
Website to use to join: Join! (i get referal points, please)

My personal results:
Tested by me: YES
Min for payout: $5
Total earnings: $6 (as at posting date)
Payment type: PayPal
Joined: 1 year
Annoyance: Nill

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