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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Audacity missing "What you hear" recording option

"What you hear" option is missing from audacity
Can't record with "What you hear" in audacity
How do i enable "What you hear" recording in audacity

I love Audacity, its excellent for converting to .mp3 and cropping audio to use for mp3 ring tones for my phone. It also provides a quick and simple solution to all my simple audio editing needs.
A really good feature of Audacity is the ability to record what you hear so you can play multiple songs and make remixes and what not as well record sound clips from movies and music streaming that is currently playing in your computer's speakers (which is what they don't want you to do) but its possible and nice to use for legal purposes.
Hmm, haven't gotten around to reviewing this great software, can't believe.

Anyways I have lost the option to record what you hear before but got it back on both my computers (Win 98se and XP) but I couldn't remember how I did it and can't get it back for my Vista laptop. Then after reading this site, It hit me and i realised that it could have something to do with Vista. Its a long process so I'll link to professionally written instructions.

I haven't proved it to work yet as I haven't found my drivers yet.

Follow Up/Fix: http://gecsoft.blogspot.com/2008/07/audacity-missing-what-you-hear_11.html

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