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Monday, June 30, 2008

Belkin Tech. Support (Temp Fix?)

OK, I went online for ages and couldn't find a solution so I decided to call technical support, so hopefully you don't after reading this site.

Background Info on my specific case:

  • Belkin G Plus Mimo Router has drop outs during download and streaming music
  • Belkin model number: F5D9230-4
  • Original firmware with problem: V 5.01.16
  • Updated to firmware V 5.02.08 (temp fix?)
  • Location: Australia
  • ISP: Bigpond (home user)
  • I personally think this is a temp fix, as firmware is pre-release version and only available in the UK website. I think if you live elsewhere like Australia you should be able to get a formal release and update at a later date and be able to fix just using "firmware update" function with no technical support needed but if you want a fix now! read on.

The steps I went through with Tech. support:

Things you may not want/need to follow:
  • Asked for my phone, full name, e-mail
  • Asked for my router model and firmware version
  • Asked for my problem
  • Why did i put this here? who knows. Just skip to next section really

Things your interested in (the possible fix):

  • I was told to disable my firewall first, not sure if you need to but don't say I didn't tell you so if you needed to.
  • Go to www.belkin.com/uk/support OR if you have the same model as I do:
  • IF NOT, choose your router model on that page
  • Download the firmware update
  • Open the main control page for your Belkin router (should be http://192.168.X.X)
  • Go to the "Utilities" heading on the left hand menu
  • Choose "Firmware Update"
  • Read that page carefully and make a backup of your existing settings
  • Then use the [browse] button and locate the new firmware file and update your router.
  • I had mine stop responding for a while and it tells you that is normal
  • But mine like really didn't come back to life at all
  • I hit the reset button on the back (of router) and then restarted my computers and checked the main control page and firmware updated! it shows the new version number at least.
  • I downloaded a 10Mb file, 3MB file and a 7MB file and it seemed to be fixed now, soon I will test for a 200MB + file to see if it has really fixed it up good.

I am just a student of IT (barely). I am NOT a technician nor qualified for it and don't work for Belkin. I only post this for my own future reference. You may follow and use my advice at your own risk. I am not responsible.


Personal Record of downloading, showing max file size downloaded before disconnection.

Before Update Fails: 73MB, 9MB, 3MB, 2.1MB, 10MB, 17MB, 34MB
Before Update Successes: 2KB, 5KB, 1.2MB

After Update Successes: 9MB, 3MB, 7MB, 13MB, 16MB, 44MB, 2.1MB, 14MB, 202MB

Yet to try: 700MB and 1.5GB

Again the main knot in the rope (difficulty in solving the problem) is that the firmware to fix the problem is only still in pre-release stage and available in UK website. In my knowledge its not in Australia and USA's website which was the problem many other on the net had.
Either use UK's website (see above) or wait until it is avaliable through the normal update process of your routers main settings page.

After solving this problem you appriciate working tech. so much ... :) so get going and make yourself happy.

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  1. Thanks, worked a treat.

    Cliff UK