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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why visiting my site makes you special

Because I will start to post (in a way back up and delete off my computer) website links that i have accumulated over the years flying around the Internet. Some of my best computer secret websites that help to make you a geek? free games and applications that make life sweeter and web services that make your life easier and also makes webmasters stand out.

Websites that i don't even share over stumbleupon . . . . (sorry friends of mine who share with me on Stumble)

Its super exciting, I'll post a heap of sites with descriptions in a single post to save space.
Its all too good to be true, he is just pasting from Google and making us think he has got something special. No actually Its just my bookmarks folder is getting too big for me and posting it here can help me future reference it. Sure I could back it up as an archive on an external disk but I will have no idea what websites do and where the website I want is, on here i could place descriptions and have a built in search function.
I could have downloaded an application that allows me to organise bookmarks and add comments but that will just make me not post it here and you don't want that right?

I mean I am posting it for you guys (not gender connotation) , yeah no back up incentive, I just love my readers (which is none, no one votes in my polls!)

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