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Monday, June 30, 2008

BMW M3 Challenge - Free Full Racing Game

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Website: http://www.m3-challenge.com

As you may have noticed I am posting all my free full games that I have and am playing at the moment.

Not much explaining to do here, I think its quite simple. A basic but nice graphics racing game. Limited cars and track selection but an excellent game for BMW enthusiasts. Multi-player, manual and auto driving modes, horn, headlights. Really a game to enjoy the art of BMW rather than the experience and thrill of racing and drifting and etc.

A thing I didn't like was it had the toughest physics (when you go off track), if you drive too fast and go into the sand or grass you'd be stuck there for ages, encouraging you to always drive on the road (like you should be) but seriously most racing games give you enough time to get on your wheels again and catch up but if you slip a corner in this game you may was well drive slowly and enjoy the views as your not going to be in the top 3!

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