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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Piracy, is it really happening?

Grand Theft Auto IV made US$500 million in the first week of sales. The Iron Man movie made US$200 million in it's first week. (David Flynn, May 12-18 2008, Icon Digital Living, pp 8)

This kind of makes me think about all the things such as the newspapers and South Park making record companies look like the bad guys. Articles and discussions that debate if piracy is really hurting artists or just their record company. Concerts make money for the artists but the record sales are usually there to profit mainly the record company? if you think about it artists wages will increase from good profits to the record company. . . .

I don't know where i am standing at the moment but it all seems that the record companies are making people scared of technology and makes you think you can go to jail as long as your computer has an electrical cord and telephone or Ethernet cable plugged in your computer. . .

It seems the harder the record companies fight back the harder they get hit from pirates or general society. I wonder if they overkill anti-piracy policies one day and the public will boycott them (record companies, buying CDs from them)????

Yes pirating is against their intellectual property but anti-piracy methods are usually against the general public's privacy . . . ?

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