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Monday, June 23, 2008

How do I open .docx files in Word 2003?

How do i convert .docx into .doc?
How do i open .docx files in MS Word 2003?
How do i open .docx?
I can't read .docx files

I had this frustration before and I think I promised in my past posts to shed some light on how I am now able to open .docx files in my MS Word 2003 in Vista.

Get this package, install it and MS Word 2003 will open .docx files like normal .doc files. I think its slightly slower to open but negligible speeds for my computer.

And another fix would be to do what i do and have a e-mail footer saying to send you .doc files only. Some people are thoughtful and will send you .doc and .docx because they are not sure which version of Word you have but most people will become comfortable with the lazy way of just hitting save (which will save to .docx by default) and also some people have no idea what your talking about when you tell them to save it in .docx hmmm... maybe I'll find a tutorial for you guys and girls on that one to forward to others to get them to save in .doc for you.

Download this package from MS

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