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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blury graphics and text

On my desktop, I've been having troubles running games, my gfx card would just turn idle and the screen would turn off. I then for some reason started to experience blurry text and out of focus graphics. When i used the auto focus button on my LCD screen, the whole screen would be displaced to the left by a couple of CMs.

This is what i did, it solved the problem but which attempt solved it? no idea

  • Turn the resoultion down and then back up in Windows XP
  • Turned off tower and monitor for a while
  • Disconnected monitor cable from gfx card
  • Used a paint brush and clean dust off card
  • Re-connected cable and gfx card to tower
  • Powered back on, all fine again :D
My ideas are maybe lose cable, and after cleaning i put it back on tighter or turning off the tower cleared something maybe? OR last explanation would be faires or nothing, just time fixed it {shrugs}

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