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Sunday, June 22, 2008

FREE Stuff / Advertisment SUPPORTED

Where can i get free stuff?
Free stuff supported by advertisements
Advertisement supported free stuff

Its not new a new concept that advertisements can support people with free content such as entertainment and even promotional gifts and products.
The Internet is one of the best places for this exchange to occur, from free web hosting and free e-mail to free music and web services. By free we all know nothing is free and the use of free really only means that the cost is not directly put on the consumer but the advertisers, who make their money buy persuading the consumer who gets the free stuff to by stuff off of them.

Now not to wreck the perfect theory of being able to get free stuff as such I'll stop explaining how it works and instead list some free stuff.

Feel free to post a comment with a personally approved free site.
Also keep an eye out for future posts, I will explain how to make money from exchanging this advertisement for credit points which can be used to buy things online or have a cheque sent to you. I have personally received $60 from these services and can clarify that payments are real ;D

SMSPup Free SMS and multimedia for your phone. Read advertising e-mails to get points which can be used to send SMSs over the Internet or get multimedia sent to your phone.
Link: SMSPup
Frequency: 1-4 e-mails per month
Clarified: Yes

SpiralFrog Free Mp3 downloads and videos to watch, fully advertisement supported. I am guessing its top 30 charts music and not individual artists but am not sure. This offer is only open to USA and CANADA.
Link: SpiralFrog
Frequency: unknown system
Clarified: No

* Frequency is justified by me, the frequency you may receive e-mails or advertising differs on what your interests are in your profile therefore reflecting differences in demand. e.g. interests in investments may receive more advertisements than a user who is interested in gardening.

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