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Monday, June 23, 2008

Stretched Desktop WARNING

Stretched Desktop WARNING
"Stretched Desktop is currently enabled. Before you can enable an extended dasktop on this display, you need to disable Stretched Desktop."

When playing games sometimes the game will crash and then this message comes up after you kill the game. Seems to be an error to do with ATI graphics cards?


  1. Heyy
    Yeah that happens to me it really pisses me off!
    Im sorry because I dunno how to fix it. :(
    I think it only happens on vista or something

  2. I also have the same problem, and I can't find any solution at all on any websites. Also, I have heard that those that do contact ATI with this problem get a reply that basically says 'we can't help you with this'. If anyone finds a solution, please contact me at shadoprey@gmail.com
    and if I find a solution ill be sure to post it on here.