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Friday, June 20, 2008

Toshiba Lovin

Just using my Toshiba laptop i talked about earlier and wanted to talk about some of its good points.

It has USB on the side so i don't look like an idiot searching for a hole in the back of the laptop (most brands have this now)

It has a cool spinner wheel to control the volume at the front of the laptop.

Its super quiet

A whole range or line of models are designed to be the same looking and unlike other brands such a HP, Toshiba doesn't have the model printed in large text, this can be an advantage in if you buy a lower class model it looks the same as the higher class models, this can be bad if you like to show off expensive laptops. But your laptop will eventually be out dated and the design of not printing the model number can help make your laptop look its part for longer, in fact the model is only printed on a barcode on the bottom of the laptop.

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