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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuck Files

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Sometimes you get files that just simply won't delete, is always busy or it comes back after you delete it. I've had that problem more than once before and I am here today to try and help you solve such stress.

If the files are always busy and you can't move them, rename them or delete them or edit in any way:

Try to use Unlocker (search my blog for my post on Unlocker) to try and stop the program that may be locking up that file. Files that belong to torrents, part-downloaded files, ISO virtual drive files and files that are used by applications are common types of files that are locked by programs and you may not know about the application using it because it may not be in the program files folder, e.g. downloading files are not in the FireFox folder so you have no idea FireFox is using it and adding data to it which is preventing you from editing or deleting it.

If the doesn't work try this:

Use a program called Delete Doctor (do a Google search if link no longer works) this program has given me a 90% + success rate. Try the normal functions and if the file still can not be deleted try the function where deleting the file will occur during start up and requires a reboot, that one usually gives me the Best success rate at deleting a file.

If your files are re-born after deletion:

I have bad news for you, in my experience when this happens you got some sort of a virus, spyware, malware etc. it may not always be entirely true but in my experience that is the biggest chance of why the files are re-born, a virus somewhere is creating that file everytime you delete it, the file your deleting may not actually be the virus and that's why you need to get rid of the mother of the file (virus) to entirely stop the files from being re-born.
My solution is to run anti-virus scans in full scan mode, run spybot and whatever you have and even get some other scanners (well known ones, sometimes those so called anti-XXXXX software are the actual cause of viruses, my suggestion, use anti-XXXXX software recommended by my blog! ;)
Do a scan and if your anti-virus can delete it or fix it, do that. If not find out what virus you have and go to Symantec.com and paste the name in the website and search for a solution for that virus, sometimes Symantec will give you an .exe patch to run to get rid of the virus and sometimes it will tell you how to fix it but using registry edits (not recommended for basic users with little technical knowledge)

The file that keeps of being re-born is My XXXX:

When you find a fix for this tell me! LOL using Windows XP and MS products will sometimes create My Sharing folder, My Music folders etc. after you delete them, everytime you run Windows Media Player the My Music folder is re-created if you deleted it. This isn't a virus, just an annoyance from MS. There are ways around this but I don't want to talk about this headache right now, I thought i found a solution before for the "My Music folder" by adjusting a setting in WMP and it worked for a while and is now back so yeah .....

Some may say use Apple!, I'd say only use that as a solution if your never planning to use Windows again because Apple creates files for each folder that describes how the folder should be displayed in Mac OS and these files won't be invisible in Windows OS, so if you annoyed by one My Music folder then hehehehe

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