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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Bad Back Up Habits

Bad backup system, maybe human errors?

I was working on a project for a system development for uni.
I work on this project on my desktop (better ergonomics) and laptop (at uni for team contribution)
After the exams I was all lost (emotionally confussed) and am not sure if it was human error or error in programming of sync software. All I know is I lost the whole prototype data, I sent it to people, lucky because i had a copy in Thunderbird attachment in my "Sent folder" and could save the files from there. Not latest version though because i edited the data the night before so none of it was re-sent therefore not in Thunderbird.

I think I may have saved everything in my USB drive and then thought the back up was successful and deleted it off the usb thumb drive. So it couldn't really be a human errors could it? because my laptop and desktop both don't have the file, instead of just not updating to the latest version of the prototype, it deleted it all, on both computers {Cry} well ok, both human and computer error or maybe the computer error was my human error too, maybe just a bad system?

I am thinking about simplifying my computer usage to simplify my back up process. But, it is very hard to do All the work on Only One Computer.

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